Double Fishtail for Short Hair- Easy Bob or Long Pixie Tutorial


Today's short hair tutorial is doubling up on braids- or specifically fishtail braids. If one braid is good, two is better so we're throwing in two today. This style will work best on a bob or a long pixie that still has good length in the front, at least on one side.

Supplies needed:
Dry Shampoo (I also like this one.)
Bobby pins
Tiny clear elastics
Redken Shine Spray

To start you'll want dry, dirty hair. Clean hair will work, but you'll need to dirty it up a bit with dry shampoo. Dirty hair will need some dry shampoo too so go ahead and throw some on your roots, clean or dirty. 

Start your first braid, or fishtail about an inch back from your face. You can start next to your face, but leaving some hair loose in front is the look we styled today. This fishtail is a Dutch fishtail because you are braiding under to get a braid that is raised away from your head. Abby has a GREAT tutorial for the specifics of this braid you can watch here

Grab a small section and start braiding down, grabbing little sections to add to it as you go down. You'll be braiding towards your ear.

After about two inches, stop adding hair and just continue to braid down towards your ear.

Before you pin the braid, or after, you'll need to "pancake" it which basically means add volume to the braid. Lightly tug the outside of each section of the braid to loosen enough strands that it makes the parts of the braid look thicker than they actually are. 

Secure the end of the braid with a tiny clear elastic and get ready to start braid number two. You'll pin them after both braids are done.

Braid a second braid directly behind braid number one.

Secure both braids behind your ear with two bobby pins. Be sure to push the bobby pin up into the braid so that it hides. Then you'll want to tease the rest of your hair, especially at the crown to add a bit of volume. Style your remaining hair as usual, which may mean taking a flat iron to it and adding a little spray wax.

A shine spray is also a good idea. Dry shampoo can make your hair look dried out and frizzy, so topping this braided style with some shine spray can make it look less frizzy and more polished.

And that's it. There are lots of variations you could do with this, but the key to this style is that you have two separate braids that use very little hair, but that look like they use much more hair than they do. Also the pins and elastics we used to secure the hair are entirely hidden. 

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