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Fringe is one of the hottest trends this year. It is everywhere and you'll be seeing it in every season. You've probably seen in on jackets, skirts, kimonos, shoes, and everywhere else in between. I've had a crush on fringe for a long time and I'm sure its that because of my natural affinity for all things Southwestern or boho. Today I've got three ways for you to incorporate fringe into your wardrobe. These are tried and tested by yours truly- and definitely on the safe side of fashion. Anyone can try these out! 

TUNIC- Chicwish // JEANS- Express // BAG- Chicwish 

1. A Fringe Bag- I'll be honest and say I own three of these, I love fringe that much. But right now you can find fringe on any kind of bag- so it should be easy to find one you love. I love classic tan or black suede, but I've also seen some dreamy white ones that would be perfect for Summer. When you carry a fringed bag- you don't need to add too many other boho elements. Keep the rest of your look simple and modern- but don't feel bad about adding in some turquoise jewelry or a crocheted hem.

TUNIC- Asos // PANTS- Stitch Fix // CLUTCH- Stitch Fix // SHOES- Steve Madden (25% off right now)// CUFF- N&S

2. Fringed Shoes- Fringed sandals or ankle boots are another great way to incorporate fringe into your outfits. I'm a huge fan of statement shoes with basic outfits- and fringe is a fun way to add a lot of personality to an outfit. As you can see above- don't be afraid to mix brown or tan fringe with black basics or to go out on a limb with some beading too.

3. A Suede Fringe Cuff- My personal favorite- AND the least expensive option to add a little fringe to any outfit. This cuff is an easy way to wear an interesting accessory without feeling like a hippie. It comes in seven colors and can be worn on your left or right wrist because of the chevron fringe shape. I know I'm biased- but I'm a huge fan!

Have you incorporated fringe into any of your outfits yet? How are you wearing it?


  1. Super cute ways to incorporate fringe. I have a pair of sandals with it but can't wait to have more!

  2. Love all your looks, especially the last two! I love the look of bell bottom jeans, but not on me. They look amazing on you though!

    Angelina Is


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