Kini Swimwear and ONE little MOMMA


SUIT- Kini Swimwear c/o // WRAP- H&M // BAG- Consuela Style c/o // SANDALS- Havianas // SUNNIES- J Crew Factory // EARRINGS- Target // BRACELETS- Forever 21
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

Let me tell you how I feel about posting swimsuit photos on the blog at this point in my life.... there are mixed feelings to say the least. But thanks to the skills of my amazing photographer, a spray tan and the cuteness of this suit- I don't feel too terrible. Just note that we did not Photoshop out my vericose veins- those are real and a badge of four pregnancies. 

Now speaking of this suit! All of my life I've been a one piece or tankini wearer and until the last few years- cute modest suits were hard to come by. They all looked the same and there just weren't anything exciting. Fortunately, there are tons of one piece options out there these days, but I have still always wished I could design my own suit- something modest, but more my style. Enter Kini Swimwear. When Kini Swimwear reached out about their custom designed swimwear- I jumped at the chance to mock up up my own suit. Dream come true!

Kini Swimwear is a company that lets you design your own swimsuit- bikini, tankini or one piece. As you can see below- you just pick your style and then drag and drop colors or prints onto the suit. I spent way to long playing with their site- but eventually I landed on a tankini (perfect for a second trimester Summer), a printed top with contrasting edges and bikini bottoms that I can mix and match with my other suits. 

It took about 2.5 weeks for my new suit to arrive and it was such a fun package to open. The quality of the suit (and the fit!) were really impressive. Now- granted the price was much higher than any suit I've purchased. But I've also never had the luxury of a custom designed suit. If you've been on the search for a specific suit and haven't been able to find it or you live in your swimsuit all Summer or you just are ready to finally get the perfect suit for you- this is a great way to do it. 

Have you found your perfect suit this year? Are you a bikini, a tankini or a one piece kind of girl?


  1. You are beautiful! The color is so fresh for summer!

  2. Love the pictures! I wear one piece or bikini depending on how I feel! I do love that one pieces are so fashionable and cute now!

  3. I would totally feel confident wearing one of those suits. Thanks for sharing.


  4. You look wonderful! And such a cute suit! I am in my 40s now and would love to use this service. Thanks for the introduction! Susan

  5. That suit is adorable! I love that you can design your own suit to flatter yourself.

  6. Badges of honor...thank you for stating that! Refreshing.

  7. That is so pretty!! And you look fab!
    I am a bikini gal. I would love a nice tankini, though, for when I chase the baby + toddler at the pool once a week. But I cannot find anything...I loathe every single top I find. They are all so ill fitting.

  8. You look adorable and that print is fantastic!

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