Easy Front Twist Tutorial for Short Hair or a Long Pixie


Today I've got an easy 5 minute hair tutorial for you. This front twist works great for anyone with a long pixie or a bob- but honestly anyone with longer hair can wear it too. I've listed the supplies below. 

Dry Shampoo (I also like this one.)
Bobby pins

Start with dry hair- preferably slightly dirty hair. In these photos I have second day hair that I've combed through and applied dry shampoo. 

To start, tease the front section of hair. This adds volume to second day hair.

Next separate a front section for the twist that is about 2x3 inches. Divide the front section into two sections.

Keep the sections separate from each other and twist one piece over the other away from your face. Continue down the length of the section, toward the back of your ear. Every other twist, add a small amount of hair to each section and continue putting one piece over the other.  Secure the twist behind your ear with one to two bobby pins. You can pancake the twist a little by pulling lightly tugging the edges of each defined twist all of the way down the braid. It just adds volume to each defined section.

Use a little bit of wax to texturize and make the rest of your hair piecey and a little more defined. You can also tease at the roots to add volume and use hair spray to secure and smooth the hair in place.

And that's it. It's easier than a braid, but also cuter than just twisting a chunk of hair back for the gym. 
Let me know if you have questions about this quick front twist tutorial. I'd love to see if you try it with your pixie or bob so please tag me on IG if you post a photo!


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