Spring for Sweatshirts


SWEATSHIRT- H&M // TEE- Downeast Basics // PANTS- Nordstrom // SHOES- H&M // BAG- Freshly Picked // EARRINGS- N&S (Nude Cut Out- large) // CUFF- N&S // BRACELETS- Forever 21
I think its been a long Spring for everyone- and Kansas City has been no exception. We've had so much rain! And aside from the depressing nature of cloudy days- it really has been such a blessing. Our grass has stayed green without my watering it and I've been able to sport a sweatshirt for most of my first trimester. And I definitely have taken advantage of that. This sweatshirt is gray, graphic, it fits slim and best of all- it's maternity. It's also on sale for about $12! 
And now to dissect the rest of this outfit- because its full of things you really ought to know about. These shoes were one of my best purchases last year from H&M. I literally wore them to death- so I was excited to see H&M brought them back this year. They are surprisingly comfortable, match everything and also cost only about $15. 
I'm still a huge fan of these jeans, but unfortunately so is everyone else. They have sold out several times. I patched the hole in the thigh in mine with some fabric glue and an old pair of jeans. I'll try to do a quick post detailing that later this week or on IG. 
Next up- my stacked bracelets. I recently found some amazing stacking sets of stretchy bracelets and bangles from Forever 21. My wrists are tiny so I need stretch bracelets or adjustable cuffs in order to keep them on my wrists. I bought several different sets so that I could mix and match them with our Nickel & Suede Thin Leather Cuff. I've worn a different combination everyday since they arrived. I'll link to all of the sets below. There really is no wrong way to stack, but my favorite combo has been: 2-3 bangles, 3 metallic stretchy bracelets, 2 colored beaded bracelets and a thin leather cuff. 
And last of all- my tee. I wear Downeast Basics Wondertees under my shirts almost everyday. But when I'm pregnant (or if the tee shrink!) those tees can get too short. The last time I was pregnant I started making my own shirt extenders and I've worn them ever since. They add length without the bulk. You can see a white tee example here- and in this outfit I'm wearing a black one. Basically I just cut off the bottom 6 inches of my stretchy under tees and wear them like a belly band. They aren't as tight as a belly band, but that almost makes them more comfortable and their purpose is just to make my shirt look longer. 


  1. Love the graphic top with the distressed denim. Great look!



  2. Thanks for the bracelet formula :) I love the look of stacked bracelets. It seems so effortless but I can never get it to look right! Would love more examples of how you do your stacks!

  3. Been trying to find similar shoes for the spring/summer. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Do you wear a small or a medium in the Wonder tee? Thanks!! And you are looking fantastic!!

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