Printed Poncho and Lace Up Sandals


TEE- Nordstrom // PONCHO- Muchana (similar one I love too!) // JEANS- TJ Maxx // SANDALS- Thrifted // CUFF- Stitch Fix // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede (Cognac Cut Out- large)

Last Monday I talked goals and I can report that I did pretty well on them. I'd say I accomplished all of them at least 50% off the time with wearing my retainer and taking naps having the highest success. I'm still working on drinking water, but I'm doing better. This week's I've only got one goal and it's tough enough to stand alone. I'm weaning myself off of caffeine and it's going well so far. I don't drink coffee, but I drink plenty of caffeinated other stuff and I have for a long time. It makes my migraines worse and obviously its better to drink as little as possible while you are pregnant. So I'm late to the quitting party, but no time like the present right?I have a feeling naps and drinking water are going to help me this week too! 

Have you ever give up caffeine? Or something similar like sugar for that matter? 

PS- Today is our deadline for Nickel & Suede Mother's Day orders- so order today to get your order on time, and for a deal! 

PSS- I'll have a tutorial for this easy braided short do later this week so stay tuned!


  1. I love your braided do! So pretty. I really only drink water and carry a water bottle wherever I go, maybe that could help you? Or set a timer to remind you to get a drink. I really should quit sugar but I'm not there yet!

  2. We don't drink sodas, but I gave up sugar as part of a competition at my bootcamp. My family will tell you that I was NOT a nice person that week…but after 2 weeks, I was good. I still eat sugar sometimes, but now it is a treat and not something I HAVE to have. Good luck with your "detox" from caffeine!!

  3. I have quite the caffeine a few times, but with my little girls I just can't. I always go back. I do drink quite a bit of water and have water bottles ALL over the house so no matter what room I am in there's a bottle of water. P.S. I love everything about this look!

  4. I love your hair close to your head like this.


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