Good Job Mommas

Happy Mother's Day Mommas! Good job! Your job is the toughest job out there and I'm so proud of you for all the little and big things you do everyday to fulfill that role. There are so heart explosions, happy tears, overcome-with-gratitude, and rewarding parts about being a mom. There are also so many monotonous and repetitive and undone-before-they're-done things. Not to mention the many hard, yucky, all-the-feelings, painful, overwhelming and scary things. It's a big role and I know that none of those things go unnoticed to God, even when they may go unnoticed to everyone else. You are important, treasured and can't be replaced! And don't tell yourself any different today!
I know this day brings mixed emotions to so many women around the world- but I truly wish it to be a happy day for each and every one of you. I know many of you are struggling with things like infertility or miscarriages or marriage difficulties. And those things might make today not feel special in the way that you ache for. And I ache for you! But I do know that as we look outward and look for ways to celebrate the wonderful moms around us (including our own!) that today will have great meaning and be full of love. I hope we can all look around us and compliment or confide in a mother what we admire about her or how she has inspired us. We all need to hear it!
I'm so thankful for this calling in my life and blessed to be a mom to my three wonderful boys. I can't think of any other way I'd rather be spending my life than with these little men. I'm also thankful for a mother who loves me, serves me, inspires me and is one of my best friends.
Happy Mother's Day! Have a wonderful day! 

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