First Trimester Recap

TEE- Brassy Apple c/o // JEANS- Asos // SHOES- H&M // EARRINGS- N&S (Brown Cut Out- large)

Well I'm 12 weeks along now and almost in the clear with my first trimester. I'm starting to feel more alive and like myself so I thought I'd share a bump pic and update you on the last 12 weeks. 

How I found out I was pregnant: Well, we've been "trying" for our fourth for a while now. As many of you know, I had a miscarriage in October. So technically we have been trying to get pregnant since last August. After my miscarriage I didn't know how long it would take to get pregnant again and there was that sinking fear that maybe I wouldn't be able to get pregnant for some reason. (All certainty about anything goes out the window when you get sideswiped by a miscarriage.) But we didn't do use any preventative measures and decided when it would happen, it would happen. And sure enough, about four months later my cycle was late and I decided I better grab a test while I was at the grocery store. (I always feel awkward buying those things!) I peed on the stick and sure enough, I was late for a reason!

How I broke the news to Soren: We aren't into a lot of hoopla around here so as soon as I took the test I called him. Typically he would have been home, but I think he was out running errands that day. He was excited and that was that. We didn't tell anyone else for a few days and then I figured I better tell a few people (like my mom!) before I blogged it.

Best part of the first trimester: Buying new clothes? The end of the first trimester? Not a lot of love for first trimesters over here. Oh- wait definitely the best part was making it through the first trimester with no unexpected bleeding or anything like that. So far things look like they are going well and I am definitely grateful for that.

Worst part of the first trimester: Most things. Gaining weight. Feeling crazy and depressed. Emotional roller coasters. Extreme fatigue. New food intolerances to foods like cucumbers and any kind of peppers.

How has this pregnancy been different: I think I'm more aware of the changes brought on specfically by pregnancy. In past pregnancies I think I feel blue or not like myself, but this time around I can see it pretty clearly starting when I got pregnant. So maybe I'm more self aware...

First trimester food cravings: Steak. Taco Bell. Chips. Ramen noodles. Jimmy Johns. Avocados. All the foods. I eat all of the time.

Weight gain: No idea. Don't plan on finding out. I know I'm up a size but numbers don't do me any good so I'm not looking. 

Is anyone else due in November too? How has your first trimester gone?


  1. Due November 26th with baby number 2. Weirdest thing was food cravings, I thought I had them with my first but there was a good week there where I just wanted meat, like NOW! Also glad to be closet to done with the first trimester without any nasty surprises :)

  2. I'm due in November as well, with baby#2! Ive had several miscarriages and we tried for a year and ended up getting pregnant with twins. A few weeks back, we lost one
    Baby, but the remaining baby is growing and strong and healthy. Its bittersweet, but we are Very thankful to be ending this first trimester with a healthy baby on board.

  3. I'm with you the first trimester is a doozy! So happy for you and your family, that baby after miscarriage is like the ultimate gift and redemption. I'm a November baby, they're awesome ;)

  4. Love your honesty; I fear getting pregnant again.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog and was browsing through your archives. When I saw this one recapping your first trimester, I knew I wanted to read it. I'm about to hit 13 weeks and am so looking forward to the second trimester. This first one has been hard between the nausea and exhaustion. On the flip side, 'm also really appreciative for the craziness that is the first trimester and getting to experience it fully; I miscarried in March at 9 weeks with our first pregnancy and the fear of what that meant in the future was a hard one to tackle. But, God was been so faithful through that valley and my husband and I were super surprised to find out we were pregnant again soon after. I know you're way out of your first trimester now, and I hope the remainder of your pregnancy is a breeze, at least as much as it can be :) Aren't babies the greatest blessings??

    >>Astleigh @


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