Find Your Perfect Pair of Distressed Denim


As I mentioned yesterday, I love distressed denim and I'm not afraid to take scissors to my jeans. BUT- I realize it doesn't work for everyone. And that's frustrating! So if you haven't had good luck chopping your own jeans or don't want to risk it- today I have a round up of good lookin', pre-torn, shredded or ripped jeans for you. It takes the guess work out and you'll look effortlessly edgy all Spring, Summer and Fall. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your tips. I am on the hunt for a pair of distressed denim.


  2. Please share how and what you used to patch your denim that was showing to much skin.

  3. I love distressed denim! However the practical Mama side of my couldn't bring myself to buy jeans with holes in them. Check out my blog for how I did it myself!


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