Faux Hawk and a Graphic Tee


TEE- Honey and Lion // PANTS- Stitch Fix // SHIRT- American Eagle (old) // SHOES- Thrifted (Similar) // CLUTCH- old // CUFF- N&S // EARRINGS- N&S (Silver Chrome- large)
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

The 90's are the era that I spent a lot of my growing up years in and honestly I hoped they would never come back. The 80's were worse, but I must be getting older and enough time has passed to change my mind. There are certain trends from that time period that I'm embracing. One of those trends is the flannel or button up tied around the waist.  I'm partial to the one knot and unbuttoned look, but you can double knot and keep the shirt buttoned up for a more polished look. Also always make sure to keep the collar tucked in. This look works best when you keep the rest of your outfit more modern like updated denim and a graphic tee.  I also love this look with casual dresses, basic tees and leggings, and skinny jeans too. 

Also this faux hawk is one of my favorite hairstyles I've tried with my short hair and yes, I really want to get a tutorial together for it. BUT life is busy and I'm struggling to find the right day with dirty enough hair, sunlight, a willing photographer and time. BUT it will happen. Just not today.

If you could find time to get one extra fun thing done in a day, what would it be? Got any projects you're itching to get done?


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