Celebration at the Station + Memorial Day Outfit Ideas

You guys, this weekend is my favorite weekend of the year. Growing up my favorite holiday was the Fourth of July, and I still love it- but here in Missouri July is usually miserable. It's so hot and humid and well, sweaty. But Memorial Day?! All of the same celebration fun (fireworks, grilling, swimming!) with much milder weather. If you live in Kansas City, you must come celebrate Memorial Day at Union Station with me and the family. This is my PSA- because it's that good. 
Every year on Sunday evening before Memorial Day, Kansas City has Celebration at the Station. We go downtown at around 6 pm and parking is crazy, but you just hike it in. We have a running list of things to bring that we add to every year, but it looks something like this.

Lawn chairs
Glow sticks, necklaces, wands
More snacks
Sound muffling headphones

There are things going on all day at the station (petting zoo, exhibits..) but when we arrive there is always patriotic music playing over the loud speakers and everyone is setting up their spot on the hill between Union Station and the World War 1 museum. The kids play catch and run around until it gets dark. We always go with my parents so we talk and eat with them and whichever friends we've convinced to join us. At 8 pm the Kansas City Symphony has a concert at the bottom of the hill and its incredible. At the end of the concert there is always a tribute with cannons (Kesler hates the noise- hence the headphones on our list!) and then the fireworks start! Its a great firework show and there isn't a bad seat for it. 
We've been going to the Celebration at the Station for the last 5 years. Here are some photos from each year- you can see things have changed!
Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day 2014

And what would Memorial Day be if you didn't wear a little red, white and blue? This is one of my favorite outfits from last year. You can see more red, white and blue outfits from my archives here!

What are your Memorial Day plans? If you are local- come to Union Station! We'll be there!


  1. So cute seeing your family grow over the years!


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