Thrifting Lately


TUNIC- Target // JACKET- Thrifted // SKIRT- Old Navy (sold out) // SHOES- Thrifted // BAG- Sole Society // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

I love to thrift- I've been thrifting ever since high school. But these days my thrifting has dwindled because of something called a Nickel & Suede. It was easier when I worked less to just pop into Saver's and take a quick look. But now that I work at home as much as I do- and with my husband no less- I shop at stores much less often. I think as a stay at home mom with a husband who goes to work everyday you can "get away" with a few more shopping excursions or hours of TV (that sounds terrible right?!?), but when you work with him at home- suddenly all of your hours are accounted for! It not bad and it's not my favorite- but that's all I'll say about it. ;)

I did happen to stop into the thrift store on a search for something unique the other day and although these shoes didn't work for what I had in mind- they did come home with me. They are Tommy Hilfiger brand and in great shape. I am a sucker for lace ups and espadrilles so these are just fun shoes for me. And they were a deal! 

I'm off to get kids dressed and out the door- so just a quick post this morning.  Have you had any fun thrifting luck lately? When do you find time to shop?


  1. I love those shoes! Perfect for summer! I do so much of my second hand shopping online now (threadup and twice are my regular go tos now) I go thrifting at a store maybe once or twice a month on the weekends when the hubs can watch my girls! I don't think I'll ever give up thrifting because of the deals! My favorite recent find is a J Crew light blue linen tank for the summer! I only paid 10% of what it would cost buying directly from them!

  2. Where do you thrift? I have such bad luck around me (the OP area) and am always looking for new stores!

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  4. My best find a week ago was a newish pair of grey Converse for $12! I was happy! Love a good thrift find.

  5. Kilee, I love, love, love your blog! When you post your WIW, would you please include the Nickel & Suede earring color?

  6. Sure! I always link to the specific color- but I'm
    happy to list it.

  7. I have been thrifting online - there is an app called Vinted that is pretty I can do it while I work (shhh) ;)


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