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CARDIGAN- Forever 21 // TEE- Nu-Mod // JEANS- Old Navy // SHOES- TJ Maxx // BRACELETS- Forever 21 // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

I picked up this long cardigan in my shopping frenzy to find some items I felt good wearing to Go Blog Social- a blog conference here in Kansas City at the beginning of April. I wasn't sure what look I was going for- especially since I was speaking- but I wanted some fresh things that felt like me and I felt comfortable in. Most of what I bought was sent back, but this lightweight cardi was a keeper. 

I realized I never mentioned how the conference went and since I did end up wearing a version of this out fit to speak in- I guess today is a good day. Overall the conference was awesome. There is nothing like a blog conference because as a blogger you are finally in a room with a bunch of women who truly speak you language. I spoke on the first day of the conference which was a relief because I was all nerves until that was over with. My topic was building a business from a blog and I definitely struggled with writing it until Soren sat down and talked it out with me the night before. He is such a huge part of Nickel & Suede that honestly we should have both spoken together. We ended up rewriting my presentation at 11 pm the night before the conference and although that was exhausting, I think the content was better for it. Next time I'll be bringing him along- the audience deserves to hear from N&S's other half too!

This was my first speaking engagement at a conference and it was the perfect place to gain that experience. All of the local bloggers and the women who planned it were so kind and receptive and warm. Not all bloggers want to build a business from their blog, but I think everyone got something out of my presentation. It was definitely a great learning experience that stretched me. 

My long time blogging mentor Sugar Bee Crafts spoke the next day as well as Lily Jade owners Landon and Meggan. They both did excellent and it was so nice to just enjoy the day on Saturday listening and mingling. And then I went home and slept. For days. 

I've got one more blogging conference I'm planning on attending this year and I think that is all this momma and her family can handle. Busy-ness adds up and family definitely comes first so weekends like GBS make me extra grateful that Soren and I can both work from home and have the blessing of being with our family more than most. 

Do you have any conferences you are attending this year? (Blogging or not) Do you enjoy them or do they stress you out?

PS- THANK YOU to all of you that filled out my reader survey. I can't wait to read through your comments. Our three winners have been emailed so check your inboxes!


  1. Love the bright color of that cardigan. The color really pops against the white jeans. Thanks for sharing!



  2. Love love love it! Casual yet chic. I've been wanting a knee length cardigan forever, this is just the final push I need to get one :P

  3. I want those shoes! What brand are they? I've been looking for a pair like those for a while. What a great TJ Maxx find!


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