Pick Me Up Products- 6 Products To Instantly Refresh Your Look

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I don't know about you, but there are some days- lots of them right now- where I just wake up feeling sluggish and meh. Maybe I feel like (or know) I look exhausted, maybe I just don't feel like putting in any effort, or I feel insecure for some reason. While there are lots of things I can do to boost my mood and confidence- like exercise, drink water, or make fun plans for the day- I have some favorite beauty products that always pick me up. They make me look awake and refreshed and most of them don't take much extra time at all. 
1. NYX Lipstick (Harmonica)- This is my favorite lip color this Spring. It is very light and almost has a mod look to it. I wear it all the time and even though it is a lipstick- it goes on very creamy and lip butter-like. (I found mine at Target.)
2. Crest 3D Whitestrips- I've posted about teeth whitening before, but it's definitely on the list of my pick me ups. It does take 20-30 minutes- but I'll put them on while I'm showering, doing my makeup and getting dressed. There is nothing like feeling your teeth look bright!
3. Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse- This is my favorite tanning solution right now. I use it every few days and apply it with a mit. It goes on very brown instead of orange and also doesn't leave a weird smell. If you are interested in other tanning products and tips- you can read more about those here.
4. Tanwise Self Tanning Face Gel- This is one of the self tanners I use on my face. I apply it in the mornings after I use my moisturizer. It shows up instantly and isn't grease at all because it is a gel.
5. Elf Eye Refresh- This is my favorite and cheapest way to look awake in the morning. This eye rollar is just a cold, refreshing liquid that really wakes up under my eyes. It provides instant results and only costs $3!
6. Visine Eye Refresh- Truth be told, I always buy the generic Visine, but the results are the same. Bright, white eyes are a few and far between as a business owner and a momma so this stuff helps me fake it. 
What are your favorite pick me up products? Is it a lotion or a scent? Nail polish? I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. I love CND's Vinylux nail polish. I don't have hours to spend getting my nails just so. This stuff takes about 10 to 15 minutes for a two coat plus top coat manicure. And that includes dry time. And it lasts a week. Perfect for a busy mom.

  2. Essie's Big Spender (my absolute fav!) and Bahama Mama are the most incredible nail polishes ever! Forever Yummy by Essie is another good one too!

  3. Blush always wakes up a face. I love my creamy blush. I also like when my nails are painted but that doesn't seem to last long without a chip! Also earrings make a person look pulled together.


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