The Lie I Tell Myself


SWEATER- Forever 21 // TRENCH- Eddie Bauer // JEANS- GAP // SHOES- Thrifted // CLUTCH- Thrifted // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

Let's talk about running three brands at once. And wearing the hats of Mom, Wife, Sunday School teacher, friend and homeowner. It's a big struggle. 

Some days I feel like I'm doing great, but most days I feel like I'm doing the bare minimum in every category. I know that what you put your time into is what succeeds- so it's really hard when there are many things that I need to succeed and only so much time. 

We still own ONE little BELT and I try to put a little effort in each month to OLB's FB page, IG and obviously selling belts.

I really want ONE little MOMMA to be the best that it can be and definitely put time into blogging each week. OLM is crucial to spreading the word about Nickel & Suede- but it's also my creative outlet. I let a few too many comparision thoughts go through my head about other blogs and never take into account what else I'm up to besides blogging.

And there there is Nickel & Suede. You know, our full time job that we need to push and grow as fast and furious as we can? We have big dreams for N&S and I feel guilty when I'm not eating, sleeping, and thinking Nickel & Suede. (Although many days I am!) 

Then the most important parts of life- my kids, my husband, church and my friends. When do I do stuff for them? I mean obviously I do things for them daily and they come first- so yeah. I guess I'm back to talking about balance. 

I've got this belief running through my head that I need to be a totally haggard, stressed out, one-track-mind entrepreneur to be successful. I'm pretty sure it's a lie that I'm telling myself which constantly makes me feel like I'm not giving my best at the right thing and basically never allows me to feel successful. I'm happy with the track that things are on, but I always wonder- could we be doing better if I just were X, Y, Z? Am I not working hard enough? 

I don't have answers about all of that today. Partly I just want to let you know that I'm not perfect and neither is ANYTHING I'm doing. And I just want to be real about the struggle of the day to day around here. Thanks for sticking around here and supporting our family in any way that you do. 


  1. Sounds like you are doing pretty flipping well to me! You come across as very honest about everything.
    FYI the N&S earrings I received yesterday are absolutely PERFECT! The grey shimmer had 2 compliments yesterday and I am trying the nude cut-outs today.....I might have also been window shopping the website for my next order already :O
    Don't put yourself down at all, I struggle with just wearing the mum and homeowner hats! X

  2. PS which colour are your earrings in the photos above? Cheers :)

  3. You're amazing!! Good read for this post by Brene Brown...

  4. Thank you!! I love your honesty. I am an in home daycare provider and although I am with my kids all day long I am still running a business and I feel the same way that the rest of my life is out of balance. I truly appreciate your honesty to know others are out there.

  5. Your outfit is so Audrey Hepburn and then it goes and gets even cooler with the bright purse and unexpected sneakers; love it!


  6. I also find your honesty refreshing. (I love your blog btw.)
    I completely understand your struggle. Many of us wear multiple hats and trying to find the balance to keep them all on is constant effort in itself. I have to constantly remind myself of my priorities - faith, family, future. Faith involves ourselves more than we sometimes realize. We have to nurture our own minds and hearts before we can nurture anyone or anything else. You can't pour a glass of water if the pitcher is empty, right? :-)
    So it's important to take good care of yourself. Replenish and then you can keep up the juggling. It's always helped me to focus on the fact that if I seek what's important, everything else will fall into place. I read Matthew 6:19-34 often to remind me of this important principle.
    It sounds like you are doing an amazing job wearing your many hats and I thank you for all the incredible tutorials and inspiration!


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