Sunday Style- Winter Can't Stop Me


TUNIC- Target (similar) // SKIRT- Groop Dealz c/o (similar) // TIGHTS- Old Navy (similar) // SHOES- Forever 21 // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede (Antique Gold, Large)

A whole lotta real life going on today. The wind was killer last week so outside photos were not happening before or after church. So after church, in the mirror, in the messy room, it was. 

Church for us is at 9 am this year and in some ways it's fabulous. (The LDS church groups members into congregations based on where you live and that dictates what time you go to church. Last year we had 1 pm church and that three hour time slot is pretty difficult with a toddler who naps in the afternoon.)  We are doing better with this 9 am thing, but it makes for lots of Saturday evening preparations like planning my Sunday school lesson for the four year old's I teach and choosing clothes for everyone for church. I have to get up at around 7 and get myself all ready before getting the kids up and and doing the whirlwind that lands us at church a solid 10 minutes late no matter what. Then as soon as we get home from church everyone wants lunch. So I usually get Soren to snap a few photos of me before I change into pajamas and then get lunch underway for my starving children. So if Sunday style photos are less than decent- there are quite a few factors at play. 

Anyways- I'm still giving tights a chance and found these heart tights at Old Navy on super clearance a while back. They are kinda cutesy, but I like them. Also I grabbed this olive pencil skirt on Groop Dealz and I think I'm going to love wearing it. Its a fun new color to style although this particular skirt fits a little loose. I'm hoping the dryer will work its magic.

What's your typical Sunday like? 

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