Sunday Style- Mixed Prints


SWEATER- Forever 21// SKIRT- Groop Dealz c/o // BOOTS- Target // BAG- Thrifted // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede (London Tan Cut Outs- large) // WATCH- DIY

Well, we survived January- barely. It's the first of February and yes, it snowed here last night, but it's not January anymore so life is looking up. We've been dealing with regular cloudy skies, mostly super cold temps and not enough outside time. 

Yesterday was particularly difficult hormonal wise and patience wise. The house and workshop were just a dump- so, so messy. And the kids wouldn't stop making messes. I was a hot mess myself. It was a grouchy, frustrating day. And around 2 pm I remembered I had offered to take dinner to a new momma at church. Which added a little to the stress of the day, but I still wanted to do it- so we started making 'real' dinner. Kesler went with me to take it over and after we dropped it off- I literally felt so much better. Like instant mood boost. It was such a testament to me that serving someone else is the best way to get out of of my own problems. My mood was lifted when I stopped focusing on myself for a few minutes. I'm really thankful for that opportunity because I know Winter will still pack a few more gloomy days. Hopefully I'll remember to find a way to serve someone else a little more often. 

How did you survive January? What has you looking up this month?

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