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It's been a few week since I did an update on life around here and as I'm sure is the same for you, life just keeps moving forward. I swear every other day I'm in some kind of funk and I think its just the winter getting to me. In general life is fabulous. We've been mostly healthy, business is growing, and Soren and I have been getting along. In January we only got out on one deliberate date, but it ended up being perfect. We ate dinner at a new restaurant (Cheddars) and loved it and because of the long wait before dinner we spent some time at Target. Dreamy right? Well, I was in heaven anyways.

We had about three days of gorgeous weather and totally took advantage of them. We spend one afternoon at the park near my parent's house and the kids helped walk my mom's new puppy. She got a terrier/pug mix at Christmas time and it is the cutest little thing. My favorite was watching Knox drag that little dog around by her leash. She is just small enough that he can do it and he loves being the boss of someone! I was dying laughing.

This year will be our first year of having kids in sports. We have held off until now and I think we are going all in. Easton is signed up to play soccer starting in March and baseball starting in May. But... baseball practice starts in March so we'll be playing two sports for the Spring and I think I'm already nervous about it. Luckily Easton is super excited about both so we'll just play it by ear. He is such a natural athlete that I really look forward to seeing him succeed and grow this season.

SHOES- Nike 

Like I said, business continues to grow. Soren and I are both trying to wear a lot of hats right now and it feels overwhelming, but we've been blessed with a lot of things falling into place. We are officially registered as an LLC now and can technically hire people now. We have needed more help for a while now, but finding and training the help we need is a whole other struggle. But we are working on it all and we know we aren't alone. We've been lead this far and I know God will continue to help us move forward if we try to put him first and look to him for the help.

SHIRT- Nu-Mod // PANTS- TJ Maxx // BAG- Chicwish // SHOES- Forever 21 

Last week I headed downtown for a blogger meet up with local Kansas City bloggers. The KC blog scene is pretty small, but its growing so it was fun to meet a few new women and talk blog stuff. Nickel & Suede sponsored the event and that made it even more fun to attend.

And what have I been struggling the most with this month? Feeling like I'm spending quality time with my kids. With how early it gets dark and having two Nickel & Suede parties this month, I feel like all we do at night is eat dinner and get kids ready for bed while trying to rapidly clean up the messy house. Or I'm gone at an event and don't even see them. It not unusual for me to be crying late at night stressing about my kids growing up.  I absolutely hate that every night when they go to bed they grow up a little more and I think mom guilt combined with January depression hasn't been good to me. I know sometimes things have to be busy- especially if our livelihood depends on me too- not just Soren. But it still stinks. So that is life right now. Good, tough, happy and blah.

I am thankful for happy kids and a whole ton of blessings. Now to focus on those things instead of the others.

We DO have good weather in store this weekend so I'm hoping we can take advantage of it and soak up some vitamin D. What do you have planned?

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