February Beauty Talk

After Christmas, I spent some of my gift money on some new makeup. Between styling my new cut and just being interested in finding a few new favorites, I headed to Sephora and went to work. You may have seen what I picked up on Instagram. but today I wanted to share a little bit about each product since using them for the last 2 months. 

I have to admit this was my first experience with foundation that wasn't from the drug store. I had heard good things and decided to try it out. When I bought it, I had them color match my skin at the store and that worked well. Because of the cost, I had pretty high expectations. And I have mixed feelings. I do like it and I think the long term use has brightened my skin. I apply it with a damp beauty blender and I feel like it covers well. What I don't like is that I feel like it settles into my wrinkles and makes them stand out a little more. (Which is a bummer.) It definitely provides a bright finish to my skin and I'm happy to finish the bottle. 

Aside from 3D Fiber Lashes, this was also the first high end mascara I have tried. I have a big affinity for Cover Girl Lashblast and I'm not sure this one swayed me from it. I like that it builds well, but I think Lashblast builds length and volume just as well with a few coats. I know everyone loves this one, but I think I'll go back to Cover Girl and Fiber lashes after this tube.

This tool has been a great addition to my makeup kit and I definitely recommend it. Soren bought be this "real" on and a knock-off for Christmas and having tried both- the real thing is worth it. The foam is less dense in the real thing and it applies makeup and blends it very well. The knock-off was more dense and I felt like it soaked up my makeup without giving it back. It wiped it off more than it applied. So add this one to your wish list and get the real thing!

I feel bad being such a downer today- but this one is a no too. I don't notice a difference when I use it and for $14 it should do a decent job. I plan on investing in the Urban Decay primer when I get a chance. I already use the eyelid primer and it's gold!

My Maskcara Cosmetics came this week and I'm loving playing with them. They are for highlighting and contouring and so far so good. Cara knows what she is doing and this stuff is so good. I have a makeup tutorial using my previous highlighting and contouring make up coming soon, but after that I'll also share how I now use Maskcara cosmetics to get the job done.

Stay tuned for more beauty tutorials- they take a lot of work, but I know they are helpful to you!


  1. I also purchased maskcaras compact. I love it so far and have even ordered more colors. It was great to hear your thoughts on some products I have been thinking of trying out.

  2. Can't wait for the make up tutorial! I love the honesty you have when posting about products. I've thought about trying bare minerals but maybe I just need to hunt for something else. Do you have another foundation that you're thinking about purchasing or will you use the bare minerals again?


  3. Love the beauty blender too! And also bought the same bare minerals foundation and passed on it. I'm in a tight budget but do have to be careful what I put in my skin/use higher end stuff there so I try to save money where I can...if you love the urban decay primer potion, I found a great dupe for it! It's just at wal mart, wet n wild I think? And it's in a little black tube with silver writing called eye lid primer. Works amazing!:)

  4. I got a beauty blender in my Birchbox, and I love it! I know exactly what you mean about it being worth it to get the real thing! If you are looking to try another mascara I looove Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I find that it really makes my lashes look longer, but everyone is different. If you try it, let me know if you like it! :)



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