Date Night- 3 Tips for Dressing for Your Guy

Military jacket, black tunic and boot cut jeans

3 Tips for Dressing for your Guy- Date Night

Nickel & Suede Silver Leather Slit Cuff

3 Tips for Dressing for your Guy- Date Night

 SWEATER- Target (similar) // COAT- Stitch Fix // JEANS- Lucky Brand // SHOES- Old Navy (similar) // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede (N&S Signature Silver Cut Outs-Large) // BRACELET- Nickel & Suede // CLUTCH- TJ Maxx (old)

I've said it before, but my husband and I don't always see eye to eye on fashion. He has favorite clothes that I wear and then plenty of clothes he doesn't like. I'm used to it by now and honestly I don't "dress for him" that often. Is that terrible? Usually I dress for myself and sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn't. But since this weekend IS Valentine's Day and it IS about showing love to your significant other- what better day than to dress for him on our date? So today I let him help me pick out an outfit and guess what? I guessed it before he even said anything. So, I've got three tips to help you dress for your man this weekend.

1. Pull out the clothes he has already complimented in the past. Even if they aren't your favorite. Or your newest. Chances are you already know which pants, skirt, dress or top he likes. These are Soren's favorite jeans on me- he picked them out when we bought them- but I don't wear them often. They require heels and they are super squeezy to get on. But for him, I'll suffer through it today. Soren also loves when I wear black. If he comments on an outfit, I'm usually wearing something simple and something black.

2. Show off the feature he loves about you. Like I said, I don't love wearing squeezy jeans- but Soren loves me in jeans that are fitted and show off my legs (and bum!). So when I might choose ripped jeans or slightly more comfortable pants- I know he'll love the tight ones. And heels go along with that. These are the heels he always suggests so- on they go.

3. Make up and hair matter. Without fail- Soren will always say something about my face looking nice when I have on a specific lipstick. (Revlon Lip Butter- Juicy Papaya) It's a coral color and it cracks me up how I can put it on and he will comment literally EVERY time. He also likes a dark eye and simple, everyday hair. Dark lips are not appealing to him. (In fact every time I wear a dark lip (its rare), he'll tell me how un-inviting it looks. Thanks babe!) So- do your hair and makeup for your guy too. If he's complimented it before- do it. If you rarely do anything- take your makeup and hair up notch.

This outfit is pretty basic. It's not what I would choose. Although I like all of the pieces, its a little too boring for me. I'd rather wear different jeans or a more interesting shoe. But guess who did like it? Soren. And that is who matters.

Do you and your guy see eye to eye on style? Do you typically try and dress for him or not?


  1. Love this. And my husband always says I look nice when I dress simple. Plain long sleeve tee, long hair down. Thanks for lipstick recommendation.

  2. We pretty much see eye to eye although I get the most compliments when I wear bright lipstick and a blouse or fun shirt the most. And dresses. Always the dresses. Being a stay at home mom however dresses and blouses are usually only reserved for those date nights or special outings. The bright lipstick however I try to wear with jeans and t shirts to "brighten up" a casual look.

  3. My hubby is a simple jeans and tshirt kind of guy. This would be exactly what he would want, minus the heels. I am not a heel girl.
    Thanks for sharing your tips for finding an outfit your guy would like. :)

  4. i really do love this outfit, as well as the other you previously posted, and i'm seriously loving the clutch you have here! :) :)

  5. I've been looking for a pretty peachy lip color! Thanks for sharing! By the way, your hair is looking fabulous!

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  7. Before I even read your post, I just looked at the pics and thought "DAAAMN those jeans look great on you!" Your husband is right to like them. :) You look wonderful!


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