What I Wore- Mandarin Collar


Well it's officially Winter here in Missouri. Temperatures were at 19 degrees yesterday- with a windchill- so I had to resort to indoors for outfit photos. I think I would have braved the cold, but the wind was the deal breaker. A wind blown pixie cut isn't a good thing. So long story short- bad photo quality and we'll have to see what we can do for the future.

This outfit is a little out of the box for me, but with good reason. My younger brother Cody came home from a two year mission in Taiwan this week and brought this blouse home for me. He knows me so well! He went away for two years and still brought me home clothes. I love the print and the colors. The mandarin collar is a new collar style for me, but I toned it down with basic dark denim skinny jeans and nude heels. I can't wait to try it with sandals in the Spring.

Cody left before Christmas in 2013, but came home on New Years Eve this year. We were sad to not have him for Christmas, but picking him up from the airport and reuniting was such a fun way to ring in the New Year. My Mom told us to be at the airport around 5 so we made welcome home signs and showed up about 5:20 (We're always late!). On the way there Soren and I joked about how much a of a time buffer my mom had given us because she knows how late we always are. Soren was worried we'd have to eat dinner at the airport because his flight might not come in until like 7. Well apparently Mom doesn't know us that well because his plane arrive at about 5:15. We missed him! We still met them at the baggage claim and the boys showed off their fancy signs. We took him home and all ate dinner together and opened a few remaining gifts. It is so good to have him home for a few months before he leaves for college. He was a great missionary and I'm really happy with the great example of service and testimony that he set for my boys.

I hope your New Year is off to a great start too! Happy Monday!


  1. That top is so beautiful! I love how you styled it, too! =)

  2. so cute. I LOVE your hair style..I'm sure you get that all time but it's great. I am currently over my current hair style but don't think it's long enough and afraid to do it before my wedding day in May.

  3. Hi Kilee,
    I love all the kind things you said about your brother in this post! So sweet! I love that you were able to take this top which is a different style for you, and wear it in such a way that still reflects your sense of style and ability to make everything you wear look good! And the colors look great on you too!
    Warmest Regards,
    Cynthia at http://styleneverstops.com


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