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Before I started my blog, I wasn't a big blog reader. I had a few I would check and I loved reading my friends and family's blogs, but I didn't know a lot about any other genres. Once I discovered blog readers, blog reading got so much easier! I slowly started finding blogs and bloggers that I liked reading and followed them on Google Reader. These days I still don't follow lots and lots of blogs, but I definitely have my favorite daily reads and I mostly use Bloglovin' to follow them. I also follow a few exclusively on FB or IG, but for the most part these ladies are my favorite! I mostly follow fashion and lifestyle blogs, but there are definitely some beauty and decor blogs in my roll too.


I've been following Shana forever. She is so inspiring in so many ways. Her previous blog, Ain't No Mom Jeans, inspired my style in so many ways- and now that she has moved over to The Mom Edit- things just keep getting better. I can count on her to have the next "thing" figured out and styled before I even know it's a "thing". 

Cara has such a beautiful blog. I can't help but follow her and just stare in awe. Sometimes pretty just wins.

Mary is my favorite- like I would probably go fan-girl on her and I don't. do. that. She is definitely the coolest fashion blogger out there right now. Her photos are INCREDIBLE and her style is very fashion forward. She has a very edgy style and the best hair. 

Hello Fashion
Christine is relatively new to my blog feed. She has great style that isn't too dressy all of the time. I'm never disappointed with her outfit choices.

Kendi is classic and there is reason for it. I love her simple style and I really do think she offers reasonable style inspiration for the everyday girl.

Amber is incredibly talented. I think she does such a great job with her tutorials, photos, and fashion forward outfit choices. Not to mention her braids! 


Cara is my beauty idol. She knows everything you need to know about makeup and hair. She is also the nicest and most humble blogger I know... er read. She really is inspirational.

I've been following Kate for a long time. She has fabulous hair tutorials and she and I share a common love of all things gray.


If I could pick a blogger BFF, it would probably be Grace. I look forward to her daily posts and have been know to laugh out loud when pursuing her blog or IG. She is hilarious, witty, a momma and has really amazing style. #wholepackage

I met Molly in San Fransisco at Stitch Fix last year and have loved following her ever since. She is such a fun person who really uplifts and wants to inspire. 

Erin is another funny lady. I love reading her daily posts about everything from style to her house remodel. She is super witty and sarcastic and just a pleasure to read.

Andrea is one of my favorite people to follow on Bloglovin', IG and FB. She has great style but also blogs about healthy living and is a wealth of knowledge. I love her outlook on life and being a mom. 

Jen is another all around lovely lady. She has effortlessly cool style and her priorities in all the right places. I love reading about anything and everything she takes time to blog.


Gwen is the coolest. Evidenced by this AMAZING color combination. In her bedroom. Gwen can you just come do my house too? She is also another KC blogger and has the most incredible hair!

Mandi is another blogger that would be the coolest BFF. She oozes fun, creativity, and kindness. I've met her in real life and she is exactly the same in person.

And that's it! Okay, I really do follow more blogs than these, but these are my can't miss blogs. These ladies inspire, uplift and make me smile daily. Who are your CAN'T MISS blog? Who do you stalk?


  1. Dear Kilee,
    I enjoy your style and love your it possible to tell something about doing your eye make up? Thanks ans greetings from Christa

  2. Thank you Kilee for taking the time to put together your favorites! I love your style and I'm pretty sure will like many of the bloggers you follow as well!

  3. you are SO sweet. thank you so much for sharing, girl. love YOU. you've become a daily read for me and I'm just so inspired by you!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Thanks so much for posting these links!

  5. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I love your blog because you are so "normal".......and I mean that in the most sincere way. I also am from the Kansas City area and have been relocated with my husband's work so I feel like I get a daily dose of home! I also read a few of your favorites. Two I also go to are Momfessionals and Pinterest Told Me To. Those ladies just seem like we could be friends! I think that is a great quality in a blog. Thanks!

  6. This is so sweet of you! Yes, I need to come see you gals up north sometime, I would love to get together! Thanks again!

  7. Great list of inspirational bloggers! Definitely will be checking out some of their blogs, thanks for the recommendations!


  8. Great photos!!


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