What I Wore- I'm Ready for Snow


SWEATER- Nu-Mod // TEE- Nu-Mod // JEANS- Stitch Fix // BOOTS- Kodiak  // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede // RING- Wrenn Jewelry

I am not a Winter person. I can't stand snow- until this year. This year my husband- who is always trying to get me out in the snow- bought me the perfect snow boots. I can't wait to wear them and if your location gets full on blizzards like ours- cute Winter boots are a must. I plan to pair them with cozy sweaters, parkas and gloves and I know I won't feel like bringing a change of shoes with me wherever I go. Unfortunately- or fortunately- we haven't had snow where we are yet this year. But when we do- I'm ready!

You've probably noticed that I have been wearing a lot of items recently from a online boutique- Nu-Mod. One of my best friends Sandy started Nu-Mod last year as a fun, creative outlet with the intent of offering modest, unique, and awesome pieces for affordable prices. I love her stuff and frequently weigh in on what she should look for and stock in her boutique. It has been so fun to find pieces that we both love and kind of a dream come true to work with her on this venture. 

And not only does she rock at Nu-Mod and raising five awesome kids- she is a dream come true support for Nickel & Suede. From shipping to modeling for us, she does it all! This gal gives us hours of her time and we could not ship or create what we do without her! We just love her and I know you'll love following and grabbing some of the great items she stocks!


  1. These are super cute! I have always hated wearing snow boots, but it would be easier when you have ones like these. :-)

  2. Is the Cammie top from Nu Mod going to come back in stock?? I love it and was sad to see it sold out! Btw love your style :)


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