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Camo leggings, grsy tunic and fringed moccasins

Camo leggings, grsy tunic and fringed moccasins

Camo leggings, grsy tunic and fringed moccasins

Camo leggings, grsy tunic and fringed moccasins
TUNIC- Nu-Mod // LEGGINGS- Target // MOCCASINS- Thrifted (Minnetonka) // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
Photo Credit- One Sparrow Creative

Well, we are back to Monday again. It's an important one. Happy December, Happy Cyber Monday, and Happy 24 days till Christmas. I don't know about you but I am finally feeling the reality of the upcoming Holiday and starting to shop for gifts. I've already got Soren figured out which isn't typical. I don't know about your man, but mine tends to purchase what he wants when he finds it on a good deal so there isn't much of a list to go off of when birthdays and Christmas come around. But this year I bought him some cologne (one of his old favorites) and I'm planning on buying him new shower head for our shower. We have needed one since we moved in four years ago but never taken the plunge to buy one. It may not be extremely exciting, but provided he doesn't read my blog (which is pretty much guaranteed :), he will at least be surprised- which is worth something.

My kids on the other hand are the hard ones to figure out this year. We have reached a point where our house is full and they don't "need" any more toys. To be honest I haven't asked them for lists yet so I guess that is the place to start. We won't be buying electronics for them and I would love to find some new toys or activities that encourage outside play or learning. So if you have any fabulous suggestions- send them my way!

Have you shopped for your kid's yet? What about your husband or boyfriend?

PS- We are announcing December's Earring of the Month today! All month long you can purchase Silver Chrome (which I'm wearing today!) for only $16. These are literally the pair I wear almost daily and definitely a must have.

PSS- For Cyber Monday we have a really exciting treat for you! We will be offering four NEW earring colors in size Medium only on Brickyard Buffalo all week for only $16 + FREE SHIPPING. They will be available at 10 am CST and several of the colors are very limited. Get yours early!


  1. Do you have an outside trampoline yet? We got ours this summer but swore that was going to be Christmas for them. Yeah right! It is the greatest playpen for your littlest ones outside too. Rough season to set it up though. I crack up how similar Soren and John are. My boys have really enjoyed puzzles at different times. I love the Melissa and Doug large puzzles. They have some pretty educational ones and they aren't very expensive but good quality.


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