What I Wore- Cat Lady Uniform


Nickel & Suede leopard scarf, gray sweatshirt and black slip on sneakers

Nickel and Suede Gold Leather Cut Out Earrings

Nickel and Suede Gold Leather Cut Out Earrings

Nickel and Suede Gold Leather Cut Out Earrings

If you were wondering what my daily uniform is- it definitely looks like this. Obviously Nickel & Suede everything- but the general gist of it can apply to you too. Soft and comfortable sweatshirt, warm infinity scarf, comfortable boyfriend jeans and slip on sneakers. Of course leopard print is mixed in there and big (leather) earrings are also musts. 

You may have seen on Instagram that we got a kitten last week. It arrived five minutes before we were running out the door to our Nickel & Suede party and promptly got sent home with the neighbor girls to be babysat. We came home to the sweetest little striped kitten and the whole family fell in love. The next day we spent too long on Google trying to determine whether it was a boy or a girl. (Not a pleasant Google image search.) We "think" it's a boy and we were a little bummed because we really wanted a girl. Surprised? Apparently we just don't do girls around here. 

Once we found out it was a boy we started thinking about getting his sibling as well. There was one other kitten left in the litter after we chose ours kitten and based on previous experience, we know kittens do better when they have a friend. We got two kittens two years ago, but one of them disappeared back in August. We still have Gunner- our adult male cat, but he wasn't real thrilled about befriending our new kitten. We were able to call around and found the other kitten was still available. Thankfully! We picked "her" (we think) up and brought her home too. And then we bought a sign that says "Crazy Cat Family" for the front door. 

Kidding. Kidding. But really we have three boys. And three cats- which might also all be boys. But we they are all the sweetest kids and kittens around. We definitely are a boy family. And a cat family. And a mess. But I guess that's life. 

Shirt- Nickel & Suede
Scarf- Nickel & Suede
Jeans- Stitch Fix (Boyfriend- Kut from the Kloth)
Shoes- GAP
Earrings- Nickel & Suede


  1. Good afternoon, Kilee,
    Love your blog and try checking in everyday to see what you are up to:) I have two questions for you, do you or could you post a tutorial on your hair today, including products you use. Also I want to order a sweatshirt and I am curious about sizing, I am about a size 8, medium in shirts and was wondering if I need to order a large in order to get the same fit as you in this picture. Thank you so much and enjoy your new kittens:)

  2. Love the outfit! I think work from home/stay at home ladies can have a hard time getting dressed sometimes. Always having comfortable soft clothes helps getting out of the jammies!


  3. Aww, so cute! We're a boy and cat family too.


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