Sunday Style- Burnt Sienna and Cream

Textured Pearl leather earrings- Nickel & Suede

Burnt orange blouse and cream lace skirt with nude heels

Burnt orange blouse and cream lace skirt with nude heels

It got cold here this week. Like really cold. I may have to bust out the tights soon and I am really not a tight-wearer. We had a great weekend here waiting for snow. (These pictures were taken last weekend...) The weather forecasted a storm yesterday but we only saw a few flakes and busted out our snow gear for nothing. Thankfully we still had a great day. The kids played and watched the new favorite DVD in the house- How to Train Your Dragon 2. Soren and I shipped an insane amount of orders and then we all packed up and headed to the post office and the store. We stocked up at Aldi and Sam's Club while Soren worked out at the gym and then we came home to clean up from the day and eat Rotisserie chicken dinner from Sam's. We played Duck, Duck Goose (Knox's favorite game) and wrestled/tickled everyone and that ended the day. (Once the kids are in bed I get back to work.)

I can't put a finger on it, but it was just such a good day. We worked hard, played together and our family just felt....good. Sometimes I think we don't do enough elaborate things with our kids or we need to make up for working so much but really all we need is time together to recharge. That could be working together, grocery shopping together or playing silly games. As long as we are supporting each other, encouraging each other and trying to be patient- we can have a good day. I'm so thankful for the days that go that way- and the ones that don't. Around here I'm always trying to figure out what is balanced and what isn't and we never get it all right- but we get some of it right.

I hope you have some quality time with your loved ones today- that's the stuff that counts!

Shirt- Stitch Fix
Skirt- Shop Wild Souls c/o
Shoes- Old Navy
Earrings- Nickel & Suede- Textured Pearl

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  1. Love the relaxed fit of the top and the lace skirt is very pretty too!



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