Everyday Style- I Work At Home


Graphic baseball tee, distressed black denim, slipper boots
Tee- Nu-Mod
Jeans- Liverpool Jeans (DIY distressed)
Slippers- Woolrich

Chunky infinity scarf, striped sweater, dark denim and ankle boots
Shirt- Forever 21
Scarf- Stitch Fix
Jeans- Lucky Denim
Shoes- TJ Maxx (Sam Edelman) (similar)
Earrings- Nickel & Suede

Graphic baseball tee, dark denim and converse
Shirt- Walmart
Jeans- Lucky Brand
Shoes- Thrifted (Converse)
Earrings- Nickel & Suede

Maroon scarf, camel cardigan and dark denim
Scarf- Forever 21
Cardigan- Old Navy
Jeans- Lucky
Shoes- Thrifted (Converse)

You know all of those things you say before your are a parent- the "I would never..." stuff? I feel like we've reached a new low of actually doing all of those things and worse around here. I've been served nice slice of humble pie lately as whether I get take a shower comes up for question daily and I've spent far too many days in pajamas. I didn't even put on a bra for the entire day on Wednesday- and didn't realize it until bedtime! We eat far too much fast food and my baby has painted our house in lipstick, chalk and marker while left unattended. The other day I went to give him a bath in the kid's rarely used bathroom and found that it was still full of water. Water that had grown a film of who knows what on top of it and neither my husband or I could remember the last time someone had bathed in there. Yep- we have become those people.

It's painful but somehow also a good sign. I'm learning to relax a bit and then also work harder than ever to keep a decently clean house while knocking out an insane work to-do list. I'm so grateful our business is booming. We need it to be more than we can handle- but oh it hurts. It hurts be last minute and late and messy. But it it humbling. And I think I need that. If I didn't know it before I'm learning now how much I can't do it all on my own. 


  1. Thank you for such an honest peek at your life! Too many times we look at gorgeous bloggers (like yourself) and think that you have it all together! :)

  2. Love hearing that other moms go through the same things I go through! Super cute outfits! Jeans and t shirts are a moms go to outfit. Love you add shoes and accessories to give it your own personality!

  3. I relate to this post on so many levels! I totally played the "I would never..." card and I'm eating my words! I adore the first tee as I have it in a tank! Truer words have never been spoken!


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