What I Wore - Open Knit Sweater

Cognac clutch, gray sweater, dark denim

Gray sweater, dark denim, lace up ankle boots

Gray sweater, dark denim, lace up ankle boots

Gray sweater, dark denim, lace up ankle boots

Gray sweater, dark denim, lace up ankle boots
Photography by One Sparrow Creative

If you had asked me even just two or three years ago if I ever thought I'd be hiring a photographer to set up my own blogging photo shoots, I would have said, "Yeah right!" Up until now, Soren (or Easton) has taken almost all of my blog photos, and they have really done a great job. Because we have little kids, we are somewhat used to using our street or our garage door as backgrounds. It works, but as someone who is always striving to make things better and to grow in what I'm doing, it isn't my ideal situation forever. I worked with Sarah last month on our Nickel & Suede photo shoot and we just clicked. I finally decided to take a chance, and last week we met up again - but this time, for my own photos. It took some time for me to warm up to the idea of taking photos on the street with someone new, but in the end it was really fun. I think that working with a photographer or two will be a great addition to the blog and take some of the pressure off of me. (It was so nice to have someone else comb through the 300 photos and edit them for me!)

And on another note, I got an email this weekend from a super nice reader asking for more thrifting posts. She had noticed I was wearing fewer thrifted items, and you know what? She was right. I wanted to mention it here because I'm not planning on moving away from thrifting AT ALL. I definitely still love it, and I'm not thrifting less because I think I'm fancy now and because companies send me clothing. The only reason for fewer thrifted items is because I've had so much less time to thrift since starting Nickel & Suede. I'm working a lot during the day and at night, and thrifting has just fallen off my radar for the last few months.  Keep up your own thrifting! If you want to read my tips for thrifting, you can find them here and here. I will be back at it soon too!

Have you been thrifting lately?

// Outfit Details //
Sweater - Chicwish c/o
Tee - Downeast Basics
Pants - Lucky Brand
Shoes - Target (similar, similar)
Clutch - Stitch Fix
Earrings - Nickel & Suede


  1. Thanks for the posts on thrifting. I am a big fan of thrifting, just the store I love to thrift at is so far away. So I love to live thru you. I love the sweater you are wearing today, so cute!

  2. I love your thrifting posts too! As a SAHM it's something we have to do on our 1 income budget. Thankfully we get lots of boy hand me downs for our son, but none for our daughter so thrifting and clearance shopping (for multiple sizes) are the way to go for us. I did snag some Toms for her for $6.99 & a pair of Minnetonka's for me for $7.99! And it was Tuesday so 25% off at Savers that day! What a score!

    These pics look great!!

  3. These photos turned out great! I'm not really thrifting right now either, who has the time to dig in the business of life.

  4. I LOVE thrifting and buy most of my clothes from second hand stores since we are a one income family. I love finding little treasures that someone didn't want and that I can use. I scored a pair of black Zara buckle booties for 5.99. Sometimes it amazes me what a thrift shop has and how cheap things can be!

  5. LOVE IT!!! you're just darling! I also love thrifting! Have any ideas to get my husband to love it also?!

  6. Love this outfit and that you took pictures with Sarah! They look great!

  7. the pictures look beautiful and i can't wait to see your thrifting pics!


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