What I Wore and Taking Stock


Gray tee, striped cardigan, dark denim and ankle boots

Gray tee, striped cardigan, dark denim and ankle boots

Gray tee, striped cardigan, dark denim and ankle boots

Duo ankle boots, dark cuff denim

Gray tee, striped cardigan, dark denim and ankle boots

Lately things have been great, but I find my creativity and deep thoughts are lacking. I kinda love/hate these kind of posts - but more love them, so today I'm taking stock. (Originally found here.)

Making : Earrings. Lots of earrings. 
Cooking : Rarely. I plan all of our meals out on Sundays, but the days go by so quickly and then suddenly is 5pm and we have no food ready. Last night the answer was Subway, the night before was Sam's Club Pizza. Not proud of things in that area.
Drinking : Crystal Lite.
Reading: The Best of Me. Just started it last night and so far so good. 
Wanting: a house cleaner - or a live-in maid. I tried the house cleaner option once, and what I realized I need is someone to do the picking up. I can do the cleaning - I just need a professional picker-up-er. 
Looking: forward to shopping this morning with my mom and a haircut. 
Playing: too little.
Wasting: a lot of things. The end of the peanut butter jar, leftovers in the fridge, printer paper. 
Sewing: not.
Wishing: for tickets to Maroon 5 in March. Christmas present maybe?
Enjoying: waking up before my kids. It's painful but worth it. 
Waiting: for photos to come back from this week's photo shoot. I finally bit the bullet and hired a photographer for some of my outfit photos.
Liking: plaid, deep maroon, fringe.
Wondering: if I'm doing okay as a mom. Am I screwing up my kids with all of this starting a business craziness?
Loving: Pretzels and hummus.
Hoping: Christmas sales don't kill us. But kinda hoping they do. 
Marveling: at our clean carpet. Hubby bought a carpet cleaner (random, I know) but now our cream carpet is CLEAN. It's a MIRACLE.
Needing: produce in my fridge. I'm over pizza and ready for some decent salads. 
Smelling: my apple scented Pink Zebra. It's AH-MAZING.
Wearing: These DUO boots. Soren helped me pick them out and I think he did a good job. I haven't seen this style anywhere yet (bonus points), and they are so well made. I love how comfortable they are - so much that I might even wear them on mom-duty (a.k.a, all the time!).
Following: Humans of New York. Talk about constant a reality check. 
Noticing: the rain today. Looks like we'll be driving to the bus stop. 
Knowing: I gotta wrap this up. I've got a kindergartner to get off to school.
Thinking: about today's to-dos. 
Feeling: more grateful. My gratitude journal has been working a little magic lately. 
Bookmarking: ideas for Easton's school Halloween party.
Opening: packages. Mail delivery is the best time of day. 
Giggling: with my kids. Knox and Kesler are especially hilarious which I love. I always wanted funny kids!
Feeling: a little of everything. Probably need to decide how I want to feel today and go with it!

I'd love to hear a little from you! What are you cooking, wearing, or hoping for today?

// Outfit Details //
Shirt - Nu-Mod
Cardigan - Jane (similar)
Pants - Lucky Brand
Shoes - Duo Boots c/o
Earrings - Nickel & Suede
Bag - Stitch Fix


  1. you look amazing and that bag is STITCH FIX?! i have got to request it in my next fix. it's amazing!! and i can't wait to see the photos your photographer has taken - so exciting!

  2. I've spent the last few minutes hunting down that cardigan, because as soon as I saw it, I really, REALLY wanted it. In case anyone else isn't quite satisfied by the GAP alternative, you can find it here: http://soperla.com/collections/woman-s-tops-1/products/striped-open-cardigan?variant=417006741 (not an affiliate link or anything...I just really want that cardigan now. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Great outfit! So what kind of carpet cleaner did he buy that worked so well for you??


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