What I Wore to Something New

Multi Print scarf, black denim, teal clutch

Multi Print scarf, black denim, teal clutch

Multi Print scarf, black denim, teal clutch

There are so many parts of life that are just new - like, all the time at this stage of life. Everything that I need to do as a mom and for our business is just all uncharted waters for me. Most of the time 'new' things scare me off and aren't something I seek out. I like my bubbles.

I went to my first Back To School Night last week and of course we were late and of course I had no clue where to go or how things went. And yet everyone acted like I should! I ended up missing the entire presentation by Easton's teacher because I was told she would do a second one. And that was wrong. She did do a second session, but that was one-on-one with me, the new-to-grade-school mom. I felt lame and behind and like I'm already failing my tiny kindergartner (who has homework by the way!). Thankfully she was so nice and I got to hear what I needed. I'm glad we went and got the first time over with. Next time, we'll be early. Who would have thought this grade school parent thing would have a learning curve? Hopefully we'll get the hang of it and feel great about it sooner than later.

And then there is the business side of life. It is really stretching me too. I can't imagine a more fulfilling job, but I feel so unqualified! I mean, in college I studied nutrition, and you can be sure that none of those classes overlap with running a small business and making it look good. We have our new fall line coming out in a few weeks (fingers crossed for the 15th!) and I've been working on orchestrating a photo shoot. Talk about overwhelming. Should I admit that? I mean, I love doing it - but I still feel like I'm clueless. Thankfully, I found a fantastic photographer to work with, and she has been a huge help in making it all happen. Yesterday, we met at Madewell to style outfits for our models and it was so... dreamy. I'm just so grateful to have these opportunities right now. The whole drive down to Madewell, I just felt so emotional and in awe of where our family is right now and what God is doing in our lives. I don't feel like I deserve it, but I definitely feel like doing something amazing with it to show how thankful I am.

Thanks for the support and encouragement along the ride! I can't wait to share with you how the photos turn out!

// Outfit Details //
Tee - Men's Hane's Premium V Neck
Jeans - Stitch Fix
Scarf - Just Dawnelle
Boots - Chicwish c/o
Bag - Boutique
Bracelet, Earring s- Nickel & Suede


  1. You totally deserve it! Your hard work is paying off! And I totally remember being overwhelmed with grade school when jack started. I was so intimidated by all these PTA moms, I even forgot his first parent teacher conference and was late to his first music performance (kindergarten went first and I totally missed him!) had to lie and tell him how good he did then had a good cry when I was alone! You live and learn. It gets better and everyone just fakes it until they make it! Good luck with your exciting changes! You're a rock star. Xoxo

  2. I love that scarf! Especially with the white t-shirt and black pants. It's amazing to watch how God's plan for our lives is much great and more perfect than we could ever imagine.


  3. That first year is hard to get used to doing everything you need to for school. But it gets easier, and before you know it, they are all grown up! Ok, not that my kids are all grown up, but man the last couple of years have cruised right by.
    Good luck, can't wait for the fall line release.

  4. I'm in the same boat with the new grade school mom life. You are not alone!
    Congrats on everything you've accomplished with your business. And even though you're stressed and busy and overwhelmed...you're doing it! When I doubt myself or don't think I can make it through, Steve will always tell me, "You can do it - you ARE doing it!"
    And you are - you are seriously doing it! Keep it up!
    Side note - my sister showed me a few haircuts she pinned on Pinterest yesterday, and lo and behold - there you were! I told her, "I know her!" Haha! Your hair truly is amazing. :)

  5. I always adore your style! I love that you are a mama, entrepreneur, and killing it everyday! Keep it up!





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