What I Wore - Cutting Things Up

Short ombre asymetrical bob

Nickel and Suede Silver Leather Earrings

Printed blouse, dark denim, nude perforated heels

Printed blouse, dark denim, nude perforated heels

Printed blouse, dark denim, nude perforated heels

Printed blouse, dark denim, nude perforated heels

So the photo shoot I mentioned on Tuesday? It was amazing. It went so well and was totally worth any risks I took to make it happen. From asking the right photographer to styling and setting up the shoot, it all took me out of my comfort zone, and it all paid off big time. I can't wait to share the images - once I see them - with you too.

Last week I took a poll on Instagram about these nude heels. Both shoes had a leather flower on them and I just wasn't sure about them. Well, the overwhelming majority voted to remove the flower. It pushed me over the edge and I'm so glad I did! Soren gave me these shoes for my birthday last year and I loved them, but was never sure about that flower. I didn't try taking them off because he loved them, so I saved his feelings and never ended up wearing the shoes. Now that the flower is off, I feel like I have a brand new pair of shoes again. I think these are much more my style and I'll reach for them more often. Yet again, my point is proved - don't be afraid to alter something you own!

Another example of easily altering something you already own is cropping your own denim. I really, really prefer cropped denim right now, even if it is cuffed a little. Many of my jeans are just too long for that look, so I regularly take my sewing scissors to them and chop off the hem. I like the frayed look, so it works for me. All my skinny jeans will still look fine under tall boots this fall, and they look more than fine with ankle boots. To do it yourself, just fold your jeans in half, matching up the legs. Then take about an inch off at a time. I try to aim for right above my ankle bone, but if you cut them a tiny bit longer you can roll a small cuff like you see above.

Have you altered anything lately? Would you have kept the flower?

// Outfit Details //
Top - Pleione c/o
Pants - TJ Maxx (Lucky Brand)
Shoes - Sofft
Clutch - Jane c/o
Cuff, Earrings - Nickel & Suede


  1. Your shoes turned out fantastic without the flower!! I can't wait to see the photo shoot pictures!! :) keep working hard all your N & stuff is darling and we all love when small business succeed Great outfit :) I am also a big clothing thrifter. I wish you lived in Utah and we could hang out and go thrifting ;)
    Lindsay @countrygirlhome.blogspot.com

  2. I totally think you made the right call in removing the flower. Although I have seen shoes with flowers on other people and loved them, it is generally not something that I would wear myself. You have made this into such a versatile shoe and I think you will get a lot more wear out of them!
    Like yourself, I am totally on board with the cropped denim trend. I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon, since I have modified several pairs of denim!!!

  3. I love that you took the flower off so you can enjoy those gorgeous shoes and really feel like they fit your style! I love that you alter things to make them your own! I think I need to shop some of my jeans off now:)




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