How I Wear My Short Hair to Work Out (or Not)


Easy and simple work out look from ONE little MOMMA

How to wear your short hair while working out

How to wear your short hair while working out

How to wear your short hair while working out

I remember the days when I thought I would always work out. Soren and I would wake up early and run to the gym together to work out back when we were first married. We always wondered "Who wouldn't make time for that?" After I had Easton, I still did pretty well at exercising, and I wrote a blog post on our family blog that was a total soap box about how I would always make time to exercise and take care of myself as a mom. Why didn't everyone? Well, I was crazy and that blog post was pretty offensive and looking back I'm not surprised that I even lost a few friends over it.

I'm eating my words now. I NEVER have time to exercise anymore. A few of you have asked how or what I do for exercise and I don't have a good answer for you. I try to walk around the block sometimes and I randomly do squats or calf raises, but I don't make time for anything consistent right now. And the reality is there is no time. The stress of having a business and three small kids curbs my appetite and I rarely sit down for a meal. That and good genetics is all I can say for my figure. This is just that time of life.

As far as what I wear to work out? This is about it. Nothing too fancy or exciting. I love Nike and Reebok running tees and their running capris. I usually just wear solids, but if I worked out more, I'd for sure make an excuse to grab some of the cute patterned leggings that are so popular right now.

The one thing that is a necessity is a headband. With my hair so short, I need a headband to keep the shortest pieces out of my face. A few of you have also asked how I do my hair to work out, and this is it. I throw on a stretchy headband and tease the top a bit for volume. Then, if I can, I put some into a tiny ponytail and use bobby pins to keep the rest back. It works!

How do you make time for a workout? Do you?

PS - Yes, I draw my eyebrows on and put on concealer to work out. Depending on how dark it is outside.

// Outfit Details //
Shirt - Reebok
Pants - Nike
Shoes - Mizuno
Headband - Handmade


  1. I work full time and have three kids and it isn't always easy to find time, especially when they have soccer until 6:30 pm every day of the week, but I manage. I currently work out 5 days a week, usually at about 7:30pm. I go to the gym 1-2 times a week, and the rest is at home. I love because they have some great workouts that can easily be done at home. I think it is important to stay healthy! My kids even like to "join in" from time to time and it makes me feel good to be a positive and healthy role model for them. Because we have been so busy lately I have had to miss a workout or two, but I try not to stress when that happens and just roll with the punches.

  2. I really enjoy the T25 workout videos and they are only 25minutes in length, so it makes it really nice to fit into your schedule. I do them three times a week and on M/W/F, I go home first, do my work out, then go get my kids from the daycare. Its been working so far!

  3. Work outs are hard. And my time of life is not helping me out at all. :)
    My hubby works out 4 to 5 times a week, so I usually try to go with him at least 2 times.
    Amazon Prime has some exercise videos, and there is a Jillian Micheal's one that I am trying to do 2 times a week. Try is the key word. It is so hard to build in time to take care of yourself when you always feel like the kids are more important.

  4. The Nike Training Club app was a lifesaver for me after I had Eli. It's a free app with dozens of workouts you can do anywhere, varying from 15-45 minutes in length. Making time is tough - I usually end up going on my lunch break because I just cannot get up at 4:30AM to work out, and in the evenings I find it way too hard to make excuses!

  5. Girl, I can hook you up right now! I'm starting a Fantasy Fitness Challenge group starting Oct 6. Would love for you to join. Workouts are no longer than 30 minutes in the comfort of your home and it's currently on sale (for the rest of the week) for $20 off!

  6. My family is full of body builders and health nuts. My brother recommended me a couple of supplement products. Which fortunately proved enough for me.


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