Sunday Style - A New Color On Me


denim jacket, yellow dress and gray ankle boots

denim jacket, yellow dress and gray ankle boots

denim jacket, yellow dress and gray ankle boots

denim jacket, yellow dress and gray ankle boots

I tried out a new color this week. Yes - I branched out of my gray and brown addiction and not only wore a bright color, but I wore one that I never wear: yellow. And I kind of liked it. Pairing this yellow dress with my favorite jean jacket and neutral ankle boots make it feel a little safer and more me.

Over the years, I've set up rules in my head about what looks good on me or what colors I can or can't wear. Yellow has been on that list for a long time, along with purple and orange. I almost never wear those colors and I just feel safer leaving them out. And although this dress isn't something I would gravitate toward, especially next to a green or gray option, it felt good to step out of my box. I can wear yellow. I can wear any color if I pick the right shade and get over my own rules.

What I'm realizing lately is that there are a lot of boundaries and rules that we all have set up for ourselves in our heads. They make life feel safer, cleaner, and more orderly. And I love that. But life right now is requiring me to break down all of those kinds of walls in my life and live a little messier. For instance, we have more orders to ship and pack every day than I can do on my own AND clean up the house. So this week I've had to ship orders in a messy house with kids underfoot - and I HATE it! It is so uncomfortable for me to be doing everything last minute and disorderly and not planned way ahead and to just feel like I'm hanging on by my fingernails. But I'm seeing that that's what is required to grow. It has to be uncomfortable and messy to grow our business. I have to feel a little or a lot uncomfortable in my own head if I want to grow and progress. We can't control everything, and I think right now learning to be happy and trust in the chaos is what I'm supposed to be working on. It's uncomfortable that is for sure. Which maybe means I'm doing it right?

What rules come to mind that you have set up for yourself? Are you feeling brave enough to toss them?

// Outfit Details //
Dress- Shabby Apple c/o
Jacket- Thrifted (A&F)
Shoes- Old Navy
Earrings- Nickel & Suede


  1. I definitely have a rule of no orange. My high school colors were blue and orange...and I was always sporting blue with accents of orange haha. Like you said though, it definitely depends on the shade. Maybe I can find a nice, burnt orange? for fall!

  2. You know what, I never used to wear yellow either! I thought it just wasn't for me. Plus, I work in a professional office environment, so black is definitely my go to. Then, I was gifted a yellow shirt. I wore it to work in the middle of the winter and got a ton of compliments. The funny thing was that I felt so happy wearing the color. I felt so bright and cheerful!! Good for you, stepping out of the box.

  3. I'm so glad you branched out because I LOOOOVE the dress, and you in yellow! (This coming from an extremely biased yellow lover though ;)


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