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I've noticed my shopping has picked up a little lately, and I have to blame it on the anticipation for fall style. I love wearing light layers, and fall colors are my jam - so once the stores start stocking cooler weather items, I start crushing on them. And buying them - hopefully still with a little frugality! Today, I've got a round up of five things that you can safely buy now, wear now, AND wear later. These will transition well into the fall months, and - unlike the fur scarf that I recently purchased - you don't have to wait to wear them.

1. Kimono. It took me a while, but I fell for this trend when I received a kimono in my recent Stitch Fix. I love the colors and the print and the feel of it. Unfortunately, you can't buy the one I got unless you get it in a fix, and I don't think there are a ton of great options out there yet. I'm kind of against the fringe-y kimonos, although I might be swayed, and I really don't like the full length long ones. I like the darker colored, simple and shorter style of kimonos, and there aren't a lot of those out there. Apparently the stores think you are either all in or all out on the boho trend. But I've rounded up a few that are close and I would consider grabbing. There is also one on Brickyard Buffalo this week that might be sold out already, but I do love it. I hope that there will continue to be more moderate kimono options in the upcoming months. This trend is not going anywhere.

2. Cut Out/Open Toe Ankle Boots. So ankle boots are still going strong - like really strong. If you haven't purchased any yet, you still have time. There are so many options out there, and what I really love this year is the cut out boot. Honestly, this is a great time of year to buy any style of ankle boot and start wearing them with warm weather clothes. You can style them with skirts, dresses, jeans, and some styles of shorts. The cut out and open toe styles are a little cooler to wear during this last month of summer, but they aren't a must. I've linked a few styles I'm loving below including these that I just picked up from Chicwish. They are similar to the Nordstrom pair, but a lot cheaper.

3. Gray Denim. I picked up a pair of Gap gray skinny jeans while thrifting this summer, and I love them. They are a great alternative to blue jeans and easily pair with almost anything else I own. I think we'll be seeing a lot of gray jeans this fall and winter, and you'll be surprised how easy they are to wear.

4. Slip-On Sneaker. Sneakers and athletic shoes are huge this fall as far as trends go, but I still shy away from a full-on tennis shoe or running shoe. They aren't my style - not yet anyway. But my leopard slip-on sneakers from H&M that I bought this past spring have been one of my favorite go-to mom shoes. I still love them and have a black slip-on sneaker on my wish list. Target has a leopard and a black slip-on sneaker right now and so does Old Navy. I've linked them below.

5. Graphic Tees. I have expressed my love for graphic tees here, especially the one we sell ;), but any graphic tee that you buy now will layer perfectly through the upcoming months. You can't go wrong with a graphic tee that you love now because you can later style it with a fur vest, a denim vest, scarves, cardigans, a kimono and more. I've linked a few below and this one is on its way to me now.

What are you buying now with the intent of wearing later?

PS - I still have a hard time comprehending this blogging thing - mainly that people read what I write and take my advice. When it comes to shopping, I try and will keep trying to only link items that I feel like I can recommend. I can't always say they are all in my price range or that I have tried them on, but I do my best to search for items that have the right look or the right price (and hopefully BOTH). I'm working on learning and hopefully improving. This post does contain affiliate links, but what I make is minimal and my hope is to be helpful to you! Just trying to be open and honest - thanks!


  1. Fall is totally my jam too! I love the fall colors & layers! I'm seeking out a lower profile ankle boot. The ones I have are a little too tall for my legs and I feel like they make my legs look stumpy. The ones you posted are really cute! I love the kimono too but haven't found one I love ( except yours from Stitch Fix :). Thx for the great roundup of options!!

  2. Kilee

    I have been wanting a kimono and like you I like the simple shorter ones! I was shopping around yesterday and found one from PinkJulesBoutique however that I love! It is a white floral with fringe which I was unsure about but it is shorter which I like. I saw the one on Brickyard Buffalo but it sold out so fast and I thought even if they restock I am just not very competetive so I paid a little more and went with the other one:) I love your style and I am a 40+ year old woman! Thanks for the inspiration!


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  4. I just found your blog from pinterest and love your style! I just bought a kimono a few months back and love it! Also the gray jeans...they go with everything and anything. Definitely something to wear in summer and fall and really all year round. Fall is my favorite too :)

  5. LOVE the state graphic tees!

  6. "PS- I still have a hard time comprehending this blogging thing- mainly that people read what I write and take my advice."

    I think a lot of us relate to you when it comes to home and family life, and because of that we are inspired of your everyday style!

    Also, I was inspired by your camo skinny jeans! I've never been a camo-type person (here in Idaho if you wear camo people assume you hunt!) but I found some gray camo skinny jeans on sale at Fred Meyers for $12! I snatched those up right quick! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. Yesss, I am totally in the market for some leopard slip-ons AND some grey jeans! I love fall - the fashion and the weather!


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