Instafriday and Being Choosy As a Mom


I've mentioned a few times that I struggle with the mom/business owner life balance. When I started blogging and then started to get busier with it, I knew there would potentially be plenty of opportunities to attend events and activities related to blogging. And I was right - there are. Previously, I have thought about not wanting to get too involved in those things and wanted to be choosy about what takes me out of the house and away from the kids. I still feel that way, but that doesn't mean it's easy to say no to things.

This week, there was a blogger event at the Kate Spade store downtown. I'd been planning on going for several weeks and was looking forward to getting out of the house, away from work, dressing up, and feeling a little fancy. But at the last minute my husband had plans come up, the house was a wreck from shipping orders all day, and Easton was super tired from the second full day of school. Soren wasn't thrilled about me going, and I was on the fence. I could see it working out fine - the kids could have gone to my mom's, and I'd enjoy the time out. But on the other hand, I would have come home to a super messy house, the kids would have been in bed late, and I'm not positive how much I would have come home having gained. I opted to stay home although I wasn't happy about it at first. Instead of getting dressed up to go downtown, I put on my grubbies and mowed the lawn. I cleaned up the messes and put the kids in bed. It was a normal night and everyone was better off at our house because I was home.

I know there will be other events to go to, in fact I have the dreamiest of dreamy ones coming up next month, so I am learning to be okay passing and being selective. I am super happy for my friends who did go to Kate Spade, and I know it would have been a fun night. So I'm still learning. I'm learning to stick to my original and intentional choices and not get swayed by the emotions of the day. And I'm learning what it means to be a good mom and try to build a business from scratch.

Life is so good, and there is so much to be happy about that I'd be a total moron to get bogged down by missed evenings out. There will always be more chances, and life will just keep moving forward.

I haven't done an Instafriday post in a while, so I've posted recent pics from Instagram below.

There will only be a few more swims this summer! Soaking them up with my little fishies.

We did a photo shoot recently for ONE little BELT. God sure blessed me with the cutest models I could have asked for.

How do you pick and choose what you spend your time on? Do you struggle with this too?


  1. my husband and i try really hard not to overlap events. when we've done it, our house is in chaos and no one here does well in chaos. there were times i would cry or be upset, but deep down i knew it was for the better, just didn't feel like it at the time. our boys are getting older and it's a little easier, but we have a new little one and are expecting to add one more in the near future, so this year has been a year where we've had to take a step back from many outside projects, events, and opportunities, but it's soooo worth it.

  2. i am glad i am not the only one who feels this way. i have only one kid. i can't imagine having three and still accomplishing all that you do.

  3. Where did you get your little man's camo pants? Those are the cutest!!

  4. The pics of your kids modeling tiny belts are adorable :)


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