Weekend Recap - Fourth of July Holiday


We had a great holiday weekend here in Missouri. I love the Fourth of July, and it is so much better with kids to enjoy it with! We stayed in town and for once took some time off of work to lay low as a family. As a full time mom and small business owner, I have a really difficult time not working in my free time. There is ALWAYS something more to get done. But I can say that I spent Friday not working, and it felt great!

Kesler and Easton spent the morning working hard and helping Soren put together the deck furniture that I got for Christmas but we still hadn't put up. What a treat that has been! The joy of sitting on my deck in a chair! I had no idea what I was missing out on! I even did a little sewing for myself while they worked. We planned to go to the pool as a family, but between naps and other plans, we just ended up swimming in our baby pool and playing in the sprinklers.

Soren worked on his projects a little bit too. He can't ever just sit still - there is always some kind of project in his hands.

We live in a dream come true neighborhood for the Fourth of July. Our neighbors all love to do fireworks - especially our friends across the street. They put on a huge show and were so nice to include our boys and our family in the fun.

The loud fireworks bother this one so we have found these headphones are the way to go.

Knox, however, didn't mind the firewords at ALL. He was chill the whole night and practically ate an entire watermelon himself.

It really was a great weekend! As cliché as it sounds, and as hard as it is being the mom, I love creating traditions as a family and enjoying our time together.

What was the best part of your weekend? Do you have any must-do Fourth of July traditions?

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  1. We don't really have any traditions other than spending the day with family. I love to sit back and watch as my husband, kids, brother-in-law, and nieces put on the show. This year I got the kids glow sticks and it worked perfectly. I could see where everyone was at even after it got dark. It put this worrying mommas mind more at ease.


  2. Kylie- I love your blog so much! Our house sits on the top of a hill here in Oklahoma, so we have an amazing view of all the area fireworks shows! i love all your pics!!

  3. Hi, where does the cuff on your hand come from? It's so beautiful!


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