The Good and the Bad


White boho blouse, gray jeans, cognac accessories

White boho blouse, gray jeans, cognac accessories

White boho blouse, gray jeans, cognac accessories

White boho blouse, gray jeans, cognac accessories

Well - good news and bad new friends. The good news is that we are celebrating Knox's birthday tonight. I've got a VERY simple puppy-themed party in the works and I'm excited to have family over to celebrate! (And when I say in the works, I mean I'll start working on it today.)

The bad news is that he is now 13 1/2 months old. Yes - he turned one last month. #momoftheyear

In my defense June was THE CRAZIEST month of my life. I know he doesn't know the difference in days, which is part of why we waited, but I can't help but feel a tiny bit guilty.  He's the third kid, so doesn't he get the short end of the stick all the time anyway? Yes, yes he usually does.

I'm sure part of that guilt comes from knowing that with all of the craziness in starting our business, I have been less engaged as a mom. I've had a lot more on my plate and have been working from home more. It has been hard on everyone. I can say it's been somewhat of a necessity, but it's not something that I plan on continuing. What I do know is that we are still figuring out our new normal as a family, so I can give myself grace in that. I'm trying to correct as I go and focus on the most important things. And what is important about Knox's birthday party? Well, that at least he has one. Check. That he feels loved. Check. And that we spend quality time as a family celebrating him. Check. I think I can handle those requirements and by all accounts the birthday party will be a success.

Now I better get to planning....

// Outfit Details //
Shirt - Thrifted (Target)
Jeans - Thrifed and DIY cut off (GAP)
Shoes - Old Navy
Bag - Thrifted
Earrings - Nickel & Suede
Bracelets - Misc.


  1. You thrifted that bag. I'm gonna have to let that sink in. What a find! You're adorable, love your style. I don't remember any bday party prior to second grade, when I got a pair of my VERY OWN roller skates. So you're good to go. He'll never know the difference.

  2. That bag! Ahhh, so gorgeous. Have fun with the party, and don't feel bad about being "late"... life happens! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  3. So cute! You are such a cute and amazing mommy!

  4. Any chance you'll be able to tell me what the shoes are called? Can't find them at Old Navy but I'm willing to try finding them somewhere else online. They are very good looking.

    1. I found these here:,cat20034,dsw12cat440004


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