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Cargo vest, striped midi skirt and wedges

Cargo vest, striped midi skirt and wedges

Cargo vest, striped midi skirt and wedges

Cargo vest, striped midi skirt and wedges

Just a quick post today. I was asked to start teaching the three year olds' class at church, and my lesson prep is calling. I'm so glad to be teaching Kesler's class because three is such a fun age. There is a very wide range of personalities in the class, and I think I'll learn a thing or two from them all.

One thing I've been thinking about lately is how quick kids are to adapt, to forgive, and to be happy. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck feeling bummed out, sad, mad, or annoyed. When Soren and I were first married and we would get in a fight, I would stay mad for hours or even days. I didn't even know myself how to get out of my anger.  But since having kids, I'm amazed at how quickly their attitudes can change. Their worst day can change to the best day ever within minutes. They forgive so easily and are so much quicker to love than I am. It's amazing what little ones can teach us if we pay attention.

What have the kids in your life taught you lately?

// Outfit Details //
Shirt -Target
Vest - DIY here
Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted (Target)
Cuff, Earrings - Nickel & Suede


  1. The pop of yellow is so perfect! My son had taught me to say "I'm sorry," right on the spot. The moment he knows he's done something wrong, he doesn't hesitate to make it right. He wants a fully mended relationship as soon as possible. As adults we let pride creep in and we try to justify our actions instead of just owning it with an apology. I'm learning from him for sure.

  2. babes… i'm loving your blog so much…. Collective Bias really has me connected to such lovely people….
    subscribing. Do check mine too!

  3. Hi! I saw a photo of this post on Pinterest and pinned it to my fashion board. I am planning to do a fashion post on my blog in the next couple of weeks, and wanted to see if you would allow me to use your outfit photo in that post with, of course, a link back to your blog as the source. I just bought a cargo utility vest and love the way you styled it here!

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