Everyday Style - White Tee and Jeans


Boho blouse, flare jeans, flat sandals
 Top - Thrifted (Target)
Jeans - Thrifted (American Eagle)
Shoes - Old Navy
Jewelry - Nickel & Suede

Lace tee, dark denim, wedge espadrilles
Jeans - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Thrifted (Steve Madden)
Bag - Thrifted 

Graphic tee, flare denim, metallic Birks
Tee - Chic Wish
Jeans - Thrifted (American Eagle)
Shoes - Target

I have great news friends: this is the last week you will be have to suffer through these grainy cell phone photos! One of the benefits of Soren working from home now is that he is around more and has been able to catch up on a few projects. So Happy (late) Mother's Day to me - he made me a new free standing mirror this week! It is so perfect and ingeniously designed. It fits in a perfect, well lit spot in our house, so my #everydaystyle photos will be significantly improved. I can't wait to show you. 

Thank you so much for your amazing response to our big announcement yesterday. I'm sure there were some of you that were thinking we're crazy, but I REALLY appreciate those of you that spoke up in immediate support. The whole thing is still so nerve-wracking to me, so to have people who believe in us really means the world to me in the the cheesiest kind of way. 

I'm off to fill some orders! Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I'll add to your orders. I am LOVING my gold and rose-gold Nicket & Suede earrings so much, I need the leopard and camo ones now. Best of luck in your venture, you guys!


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