What I Wore - Contrast Back Tee and Taking Stock


Contrast back tee, dark denim and metallic sandals

Contrast back tee, dark denim and metallic sandals

Contrast back tee, dark denim and metallic sandals

Contrast back tee, dark denim and metallic sandals

Contrast back tee, dark denim and metallic sandals

I'm not usually one to post these types of posts, but every time I read one somewhere else, I kinda love it. It's just such a fun way to take stock and share little blips about life. It won't become a series or anything, but I'd like like to try it once.

Making: lots of messes. Every time I get the house cleaned up, it's time to get a project out and the mess starts all over.
Cooking: as infrequently as possible. It's been hot and I've been bad at meal planning so we've had lots of cold cuts and fruits and veggies lately.
Drinking: Crystal Lite with energy.
Reading: "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown. I love her stuff and this one is pretty good so far.
Wanting: a vacation. We head to Tuscon for a wedding this weekend, and although taking kids on a trip is never quite a vacation, it will have to do.
Looking: at my new website and feeling proud of my hard work and yet critical at the same time.
Playing: Knights. Kesler has been missing Easton while he is at school, so I'm the new playmate. It's a tough shift for me to slow down and play more, but a necessary one I think.
Wasting: paper. I print and print and print and then wonder why we have no paper left.
Sewing: nothing. But I have some grand plans for an ombre maxi dress and a navy buffalo print infinity scarf.
Wishing: I were a better friend. I feel like I'm a taker right now, but I'm so grateful for my friends that give.
Enjoying: being awake before my kids.
Waiting: to share Nickel & Suede with you.
Liking: my Jim Gaffigan Pandora station. It feels so good to laugh.
Wondering: if my hard work is going to pay off. Wondering whether the scary 'ifs' will work out.
Loving: mozzarella sticks. Sometimes sugary treats late at night play to my migraines, but warm cheesy sticks are my friend. 
Hoping: I can find Sam and Libby silver sandals in my size today at Target. They were sold out last night so I'm crossing my fingers I can hunt them down today.
Marveling: at how great life is. Things change all the time, but I'm so grateful for it. I can't believe how far things can change and progress in six months or a year.
Needing: a date night.
Smelling: nothing. Time to turn on the scented warmer.
Wearing: white nail polish. I'm totally on board with this trend.
Following: Camp Patton. Her posts are my favorite to read on the daily.
Noticing: its raining again. This weather can't decide what season it is.
Knowing: I have to take Easton to the bus stop in the rain. For the first time and probably not the last.
Thinking: this post is harder to write than I thought.
Feeling: foggy. I need to get some lists made and start planning my day or I'm going to be reacting all day.
Bookmarking: ways to wear headscarves.
Opening: the mailbox is one my favorite parts of the day. I wake up looking forward to what might show up in the mail. I'll be one of those old ladies someday that checks the mail box all day long - way before and way after the mailman actually comes. 
Giggling: with my boys. They all LOVE to be tickled. I'm convinced tickling is one of the best ways to show love to kids.
Feeling: Tired. I'm trying to shift my waking hours to waking up earlier and sleeping earlier, but its a hard transition.

Just for fun I'll make you answer one or two of these: What are you wasting and what are you noticing?

// Outfit Details //
Tee - Stitch Fix
Jeans - Lucky Brand
Shoes - GAP
Jewelry - ONE little MOMMA


  1. I lovvvvve the top! Great post, I'm down with the white nail trend too! I am noticing the months going faster lately but the days going slower.

  2. I'm doing this over on my blog tomorrow! It's so fun to see where we are all at right this moment. I'm noticing that mother nature got things all wrong this year and somehow thinks were in the "April showers season."

  3. LOVE the sentence: " I need to get some lists made and start planning my day or I'm going to be reacting all day."
    Oh boy does that describe me. Something in that statement just clicked. I tend to react more to my day rather than me acting on my day. Here is to conquering my day, and yours, and by acting on it rather than reacting to it!

  4. I know its a long shot commenting on an old post, but do you have any idea what brand the shirt that you are wearing is? I love it so much!!


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