Sunday Style - Faux Black Dress


Kimono, black dress and turquoise accessories

Kimono, black dress and turquoise accessories

Black blouse, black skirt, turquoise and camel

Black blouse, black skirt, turquoise and camel

Black blouse, black skirt, turquoise and camel

As you know, I love to wear my wardrobe basics and neutral colors. I'm always looking for new and interesting ways to wear them together. I recently saw the idea of a faux romper somewhere, done by pairing a black top with black track pants and a belt. I decided to try a faux black dress by pairing a black blouse tucked into my black skirt. Tucking in the top created a fun blouson shape, and I loved the end result. I threw on the tan kimono as an afterthought - mostly to stay warm at church - and mixed in some turquoise and camel accessories. It's an edgier look but a great way to mix up the basics.

I've been thinking this week that I kind of approach life this way. When it comes to what is important to me and what I believe, I'm always trying to go back to the basics and look at them in different ways to learn more. I teach a class at church on Sundays, and I love to discuss the basics with them in hopes of learning more. It's easy to think, "Oh, I know what it looks and feels like to put God first in my life," or "I know what it means to love other people," or "I know what I have to do to be a good person," but sometimes we don't. There are always things we can learn about ourselves and ways we can change for the better, even in the most basic parts of our actions and our faith. And I've found that the more we accept where we are, the easier it is to see where we can make those changes.

Where do you find inspiration to become better?

Have a great Sunday!

// Outfit Details //
Top - Thrifted
Skirt - Kohls
Shoes - Old Navy
Kimono - c/o Groop Dealz
Earrings - ONE little MOMMA


  1. I love your outfit and absolutely love your shop website!!!!!

  2. I really love the pairing of black and brown. I think so many people are afraid to try it, but I think it looks so classic. I try to remind myself to stop and enjoy the small things in my life--cuddling my puppies, cooking with my hubby, a beautiful moon. Sometimes I don't always take a moment and remember to stop and realize, "This makes me happy. This is an amazing life." Slowing down gives me inspiration. Love and happiness <3 Holly


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