Sunday Style - Americana

Red, white, and blue Sunday style

Red, white, and blue Sunday style

Red, white, and blue Sunday style

Red, white, and blue Sunday style

Red, white, and blue Sunday style

This is what I wore last weekend for Memorial Day and something similar would work perfectly for Independence Day as well. Ever since at least junior high, I remember loving to dress festively for holidays. In 9th grade, I remember thrifting a green pencil skirt that was far too big for me and wanting to wear it so badly for St. Patrick's Day that I duct taped it to my stomach so that it would stay up. It's hilarious now that I look back on it, but I really thought that was the best solution at the time. My husband would swear I haven't improved in my problem solving skills, but this skirt begs to differ. This blue skirt I also thrifted in too large a size, and before I wore I took it in, with a sewing machine and everything. No duct tape in sight. 

Well, we didn't end up running in the Color Run yesterday. At this time in life, we don't always have fun family events planned, so it was hard to pass up this fun run. But with the boys going camping the night before, it was just too much in one weekend for the family. Sometimes the best decision is to do less. (Not that I did less - I did about 10,000 things this weekend and I'm wiped!) It worked out well to not go and we all still had a great Saturday. 

Have you had to decide to do less in your family? I'm betting this won't be the last time I have to make that choice!

// Outfit Details //
Sweater - Target
Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted
Jewelry - ONE little MOMMA
Lip - NYX Indie Flick


  1. We're always pushing the limit and then we're so tired on Monday morning, we can barely function! I love dressing for holidays too and you look great!


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