Summer Swim Style


Summer swim style with ONE little MOMMA

Our family spent the weekend taking a whirlwind trip to Tucson, AZ for a family wedding and a mini-vacation. We are all recovering from the fun and the stress of it all, but we had a great trip. I'll probably share more about it later this week, but today I'm talking swimming suits and pool style. We spent time at the pool over the weekend and are looking forward to swimming more now that Summer has finally decided to stick around. I have worn one piece for most of my life and especially as a mom, I am all about coverage at the pool. This year I decided to try out a rash guard and bikini bottom combo. I did not take "outfit photos" in my suit, but I did want to share the details about my swim favs and why I love them.  Here are my picks for this year's poolside style. 

Summer swim style with ONE little MOMMA
When I bought my rash guard from Old Navy, I didn't even think about what I was going to wear under it. I forgot they have NO support on their own. Being a one piece die hard, I didn't even own a bikini top to pair with it so I went shopping. I picked up the Balconette Bikini top from Old Navy to wear under it and I have been so happy with it. I've never worn a swimsuit with so much support up top. The rash guard has also worked out great. It is so comfortable and I feel totally covered whenever I bend down and lean over to help the kids. The sleeves keep me cool by keeping my arms wet and they also offer sun protection. I'm a big fan of the whole combination.

My other favorites pieces at the pool this year are my RE aviators, Sam and Libby sandals from Target, and this bag from Consuela. I can't say enough good things about this bag. It is on the pricey side for a pool bag, but I took it as my purse on vacation this weekend and it was a dream come true. The bag is enormous and it held anything and everything I tried to shove in it. The entire body of the bag is covered in vinyl - inside and out and the handles are real leather. It is entirely wipeable and basically waterproof which makes it the PERFECT summer bag for moms. I can definitely say that it has exceeded my expectations and it is worth the cost. I'll be toting this one around all Summer!

Have you tried the rash guard out for the pool? What suit are you wearing this year? I'd love if you shared by linking up your suit in the comments!


  1. I have been wanting to get a rash guard. This one is cute!!


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