What I Wore + Things I'm Loving About Life

LIlac jeans, leopard sneakes, a graphic tee and denim jacket

LIlac jeans, leopard sneakes, a graphic tee and denim jacket

LIlac jeans, leopard sneakes, a graphic tee and denim jacket

LIlac jeans, leopard sneakes, a graphic tee and denim jacket

LIlac jeans, leopard sneakes, a graphic tee and denim jacket

I feel like I've been sort of a downer lately - too many whiny posts in a row maybe. And while I know that most of you are going through the same time of life or similar struggles, I don't want to get into a negative funk. So today I've got five simple things to share that I'm just loving right now.

  1. I have the happiest baby on the planet. Although Knox is at a very physically demanding age (I'm constantly on the run after him or picking him up and putting him down!), I really couldn't ask for a sweeter baby. He is always happy: when he wakes up, in his car seat, in a swing, following his brothers, or playing peek-a-boo. I don't know what I did to get such a perfectly sweet baby.
  2. My first boy, Easton, turns five tomorrow! He made me a mother five years ago, on Mother's Day, and we sure love him. This week he has been counting down the days to his big day on his desk calendar and he won't let us forget that there is only one more day! We will be celebrating in true Easton style at the local climbing gym with my family. He can't wait to show us his skills!
  3. The color lilac. I have been picking the lilac color in everything these days. Lately I've loved these lilac jeans, lilac carnations, lilac lip gloss, and really any lilac item in sight!
  4. Sam's Club is opening here in town next month. We are Costco loyalists, but so far Costco and Sam's have been too far away for it to be reasonable to be members. My kids are excited for the free breakfast during business hours, and I'm excited to buy quantities of produce that last more than a day. At this point my kids eat a bag of grapes from the grocery store in one day so MAYBE buying them in bulk will stretch us to two. Maybe.
  5. And last, I'm loving Instagram. I have always loved it above all other social media, but this week it has really been impacting my life for good. I'm loving the support and community on Instagram as people have shown a grieving family so much love this week. I love the kind comments and thoughts that you all write on IG. It is hard to comment on blogs these days, so I love reading comments on Instagram and having discussions there. You can always email me, but if you really want a quick response, find me on Instagram.

What are you loving this week?

// Outfit Details //

Shirt - Target
Pants - c/o In Bloom Boutique
Jacket - Thrifted (A&F)
Shoes - H&M

P.S. These lilac jeans run a little long so I cut mine off at the ankle. I kept them just long enough to roll twice. Now they are perfectly cropped!


  1. i just saw those shoes at h&m... and now i want to go back and get them HA!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. I am loving those leopard slip ons! Too cute! Also I am loving the warm weather that we're having here in NC and getting to spend all day outside with my little girls! Have a great weekend!


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