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It's no secret that we all love Instagram. It provides such an easy platform for sharing, commenting, discussing, and even teaching. It's definitely my favorite place to share. Every once in a while, I will whip up a quick refashion or other style DIY and rather than take time to write a whole blog post about it, I throw it up on Instagram. The only problem with that is that unless you screenshot it, the mini tutorial gets lost. So today, I have three short tutorials from Instagram over the last few months that you can pin and easily find again if you think they will work for you too.

Cut up an old undertee and use it as a cheap and easy shirt extender! You won't believe how easy it is and what a difference it makes.
1. Cut undershirt in half, keeping the bottom 6-8 inches. 
2. Before pic. 
3. See how I layer it?
4. Tee extended!

I'm not sure if it is my short torso or just my personal style preference, but I love to wear a long tee under almost everything. I love having a tee that can cover my bum in leggings or tight pants, and in general I just prefer that look. While I was pregnant with Knox, none of my shirts were long enough, so I cut one of my Downeast Basics tees in half and pulled the bottom half on. After I had my baby, I just kept wearing them. They add length without a whole other shirt. I have never found a tee that is just right in length and that doesn't shrink up when washed, so this is my favorite and cheapest solution. I've also done it with gray tees, black tees, and more. In this outfit, I just cut a gray Target boyfriend tee in half and used it as a fake shirt. It worked perfectly!

Turn a thrifted denim jacket into a denim vest in 5 minutes. This is the cheapest way to get an awesome denim vest!
1. Buy a denim jacket at the thrift store. 
2. Start cutting the sleeves off as close to the sleeve seam as possible.
3. Clean up the edges.
4. Done. No hemming necessary.

I've blogged about this before, but it's worth saying again. It is so easy to make your own denim vest! The arm holes won't fray, and all it takes is one step! Finding the perfect jacket that you are willing to cut up is the hardest part!

Alter an embroidered blouse in two easy steps. Don't be afraid of altering something to fit your style!
1. Purchase blouse with too much embroidery. 
2. Carefully cut threads and pull out the stitching around the collar. 
3. Wash and iron and find that the holes from the thread have disappeared.

This tutorial is mainly to show you that you can alter something that you purchase new if it isn't quite right. Don't be scared. I wanted to love this blouse at the store, but there was just too much neon stitching going on. My friend Ashley pointed out that I could easily pull out the thread and it would be just what I wanted. It was easy, and it really made the top something that I loved and couldn't find otherwise. I usually shop a thrift stores or on mega-clearance and one benefit to that is that I can cut up or alter things without fear of ruining them. I've worked up my confidence now so that I don't mind buying a new item with the intent to alter it. Sometimes that is the real fun anyway!

What DIY fashion have you taken on lately? Have you tried any DIY projects you have seen here?


  1. I've used your denim jacket to vest tutorial before, and I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wore Bella Bands when I was pregnant, which is sort of a similar idea to the long tee, but I never thought about it afterward. I prefer a long tee, too - seems to balance proportions better. Brilliant hack - thanks for sharing!

  3. Do you ever have problems with the band (cut shirt) shifting while wearing?

  4. I used an old tank top and a pair of my hubby's old jeans to make me a jean skirt while I was pregnant. Best diy I have ever done.
    Thanks for posting these simple diys here. I don't do instagram or facebook or twitter. I just have a personal journal blog and pinterest, so this is nice to be able to see what you have done.

  5. Still use bella bands to lengthen tees!

  6. I just wear long camis underneath pretty much every top, ever, but I love your tutorial too! You're super crafty!


  7. Um your long tee hack just made my entire life. Thank you! I don't complete almost all outfits with some long tank or tee. This is amazing.

  8. Love the denim vest. Still looking for a good thrift. Got a Levi one then discovered these gusset pleats in the back that look like a linebacker! Thinking I might stitch them down to get rid of the bulk then cut it. Love that sweet baby accessory on your left leg!!

  9. I love the denim vest idea! I have so many jean jackets that I feel it's overwheling and I hardly ever wear them anyways! You're such a crafty one!!

  10. Oooh, big fan of the denim vest idea! My local thrift store has SO many ridiculous denim jackets that would make fabulous vests...

    aka Bailey


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