Everyday Style - Wild Weekend Ahead


Sporty baseball tee, distressed denim and Converse
Tee - Thrifted
Jeans - Thrifted (GAP)
Shoes - Thrifted (Converse)
Earrings - ONE little MOMMA 

Oversized gray tee, turquoise jewelry, and dark denim
 Tee - c/o In Bloom Boutique
Pants - Lucky Brand
Shoes - Old Navy
Necklace - c/o Groop Dealz

Radiant orchid tee, cut off shorts and leopard sneakers
 Tee - GAP
Shorts - Cut off by me
Shoes - H&M
Earrings - ONE little MOMMA

Gray striped tee, olive skinnies and Converse

Tee - GAP
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Converse
 Earrings - ONE little MOMMA

Well, it's time for Everyday Style again, otherwise know as Grainy-IG-Outfit-Photo Round Up. My Mother's Day gift from my hubby was to fix this dang mirror situation. Every week, I take outfit photos here and the lighting really isn't ideal. The windows are behind me, so I'm always dark and the photos just aren't clear. I know they are grainy and darkish and you probably are annoyed by their quality. I'm sorry. I hate them too. It was super thoughtful of him to want to fix this, but it's also so expensive!  The best fix will be for me to find a free standing mirror that I can position for better lighting. And good quality free standing mirrors cost enough to hurt my feelings, so I haven't let him buy one yet. For now the hanging mirror in the dark part of my room will have to do. Sorry. Where have you had success finding nice mirrors?

We have a crazy weekend ahead and although it will be fun, I'm already forecasting Sunday naps. Tonight, the boys are going on a Father and Son's campout with Soren and my Dad and brothers. They will be camping an hour away, so there is no chance of coming home early. Soren has taken the two older boys twice before and I think this year Kesler will finally be old enough to make it through happily. Last year he had a rough night sleeping in a tent away from home. Knox will be home with me and we'll probably do something glamorous like eat at Panera and watch a movie. On Saturday afternoon, our family is signed up to do the Color Run. Honestly, it's a 50/50 shot as to whether it will actually happen. I didn't know about the campout when I signed us up, so we will try to be fun and push through to make it happen, but I'll be realistic about it if it feels like too much. It sounds fun though! Hopefully we'll have tons of fun to report.

Have you run in the Color Run before? Any tips for going with little kids?

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Would have never thought to look there, but I actually found some really nice free standing mirrors at Hancock Fabric when I was there shopping for something else. It was about a year ago, so not sure if it is something they carry regularly, but they were nice and reasonably priced. Plus, they almost always have a coupon :)

  2. I did the Color Run this year and it was a blast! My biggest tip isn't just for kids, but for you guys too: Wear sunglasses, and have a bandana around your neck that you can pull over your nose and mouth when you run through the color stations. The powder is supposedly safe but you still don't want to get it into your eyes or your airway -- not fun. Plus, running through the color stations is SO MUCH FUN that you don't want to be worried about trying to remember to close your eyes and mouth the whole time!

    Also, if you end up loving the patterns that the colors make on your shirt/pants/shoes/etc., there are instructions somewhere online on how to preserve it so you can wash and continue to wear. (Or if you hate it, there are also instrux somewhere about how to get the stains out, hah!)

  3. Search Craigslist for folks getting rid of their builder grade mirrors and then build a simple frame and liquid nail it on. That's what we did.

  4. Cover your blonde!!!!!!! It is SO hard, almost impossible to get out!! Unless you've wanted to sport pink, purple and turquoise hair but haven't been brave enough!! Sounds like fun!!

  5. I LOVE your hair cut! Is it hard to style? I almost got a similar cut last week but the stylist warned me it is hard to style. I'd love to know your thoughts! I regret not getting it now since yours looks so cute!:)

  6. Can you tell me...when you cut off your shorts did you use a razor like in your distressing tutorial? Or just scissors?


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