Everyday Style - Fresh Spring Looks

Shirt: Boden
Pants: Anthropologie
Shoes: Old Navy (similar)
Jewelry: ONE little MOMMA

Western denim shirt, black jeans and leopard sneakers
Shirt: GAP
Shoes: H&M

Knotted oversized tee and lilac skinnies
Shoes: Thrifted (Converse)

Neutral palazzo pant and gray tee
Shirt: Target
Pants: Target (sold out online-similar)
Shoes: Old Navy

Today in Everyday Style, I'm sharing some trendy items that I will be wearing this spring. If you are new here, Everyday Style posts are a collection of my everyday style that I post on Instagram. It helps me share more of my styling and outfit ideas in a way that fits my life. So onto today's trends.

Like I mentioned earlier this week - I'm loving a red/coral striped tee instead of my standard black and white stripes. The stripes still work with everything, but the color brightens your outfit. I promised you all a little more color and so I'm working it in! 

Next up, leopard sneakers. I've mentioned these before, but I continue to be surprised at how much I really like these shoes. I almost would say go ahead and buy the expensive pair - you will want them to last! The 'Vans' style of slip on is definitely making a come back and for a reason! They are so easy and comfortable to wear. I just bought my boys and Soren some Vans, so we'll be a family of slip-ons soon. 

I have owned almost every color of denim under the sun, but these lilac ones are new to me. You know I love edgy and even though they are pastel, they still seem like a slight risk. (Which I love!) I know they aren't for everyone, but I love this color right now, so it works for me to wear it for several seasons. They are a little long, but I might cut them off at the ankle and roll them a bit.

And the last trendy item? The palazzo pant. The pant everyone seems to hate. But I kinda love - in the right print that is. I realize they look a little dumpy here, but that is because I had dumpy flip flops on with them and it was a mirror selfie. I wore them with wedge sandals later that day and I felt amazing. These pants are so great for SAHMs. I love the lightweight and stretchy fabric. They are long and seriously comfortable. It also feels good to wear a different silhouette. In a world of skinny pants, wide legs feel like a nice break. I plan on styling these multiple ways, so more info to come on my palazzo pant opinions.

Have you tried any of these options? Love? Hate?


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  2. Oh I rocked the palazzo pants in 1997! In fact, I had one pair almost identical to yours, and another grass green pair with white vertical stripes. I felt prettttty trendy in them bad boys ;) Of course, I was a senior in highschool so I don't think I'm quite ready for the comeback now - makes me feel old!

  3. I love palazzo pants! I don't have any but with neutrals I think they look great!

  4. You have the best colored jeans!

  5. I just bought leopard sneakers yesterday and used your second outfit as my inspiration getting dressed this morning. I need some N&S earrings to finish it off!


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