Everyday Style and Working with Fear

Every other Friday, I've started to share my Instagram #ootd's (Outfit of the Day) with you here on the blog. Although my day revolves around Instagram (okay, not really - but close), I know not everyone is on IG. Sharing a round up here twice a month is the perfect way to make my daily outfits pinnable and searchable in case you want to use them for outfit inspiration later. 

Citron sweater, camo pants, strappy camel sandals
Sweater: Old Navy
Pants: TJ Maxx
Sandals: Old Navy
Earrings: ONE little MOMMA

Chambray tee, distressed denim, laced brown sandals
 Tee: TJ Maxx
Pants: Thrifted (GAP)
Shoes: Thrifted (Westies)

White tunic, dark cuffed denim, red platform sandals
Tunic: Stitch Fix
Pants: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Thrifted
Watch and Cuff: ONE little MOMMA

While the first two are outfits that I wear during daily mom duties, the last is one that I wore to lunch yesterday with a good friend. I was going to lunch downtown sans kids, so I busted out an ivory tunic that came in my recent Stitch Fix and a red lip. I felt pretty great about it all until I realized that I managed to get food and lipstick on my own shirt. I guess I can't blame the kids so much anymore, can I?

Going out to lunch is extremely rare for me, but yesterday was a really good personal outing. It was hard to get out of my bubble and find a sitter and park my dang van downtown - but sometimes those things are worth it.  My friend and I got together to talk business and brainstorm ideas for collaborating on some projects. We discussed our current ventures and our dreams and hopes for them. It was so great to share my ideas and goals with someone outside of my normal sphere (I've talked those people's ears off!), but what we also talked about was the fear that comes with those plans.

Lately I've been feeling really self-defeating and afraid that either I'm not going to succeed or maybe that I'll be too successful. It's crazy to think that you can be afraid of both things because they are so opposite. Either brings really strong emotions and those kinda freak me out. My friend shared with me a quote from a book she is reading that really resonated with me.

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth” 

I think I've seen a quote on IG or Pinterest lately about doing the thing you are most afraid of and this goes right along with that. Fear can stop us from doing the things we need to do and the things that will help us the most. I want to work on doing more of the things that scare or intimidate me and try to stop being afraid of being afraid. It's hard but I think it has to do with being okay with being afraid and just bring brave anyway. What do I know though - I'm still working on it!

What do you do when you feel afraid? Have you ever been afraid of falling short or even of being too successful? 


  1. I LOVE the third outfit!!! So classy:) You are just gorgeous Kilee. And yes, I think we've all been afraid of not succeeding! I guess I try to see all the possible outcomes, and come to grips with them before they happen. I dont know if that would make me a pessimist or a realist, but it seems to work ok for me, at least to not worry so much about outcomes. I have seem my share of not having things work out as I planned, and it can be discouraging, but its not always about the final outcome or result, but the process, right? I sure have learned a lot from all of my not succeeding! Hah:) You are great. Keep up the good work.

  2. I LOVE those camo pants! Do you mind sharing the brand?

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