What I Wore - Denim Vest, Leopard Sneakers, and Jamberry Nails


Cuffed black denim + leopard sneakers

Denim vest, gray tee, black denim and leopard sneakers

Jamberry nail wraps

gray tee, black denim and leopard sneakers

Denim vest, gray tee, black denim and leopard sneakers

I feel like I need to first just say thank you for taking my reader survey this week. I was nervous no one would take it because, honestly, surveys are a pain. But thanks for sticking it out for me, and I'm sorry if you hated any of it or if I could have done it a better way. Clearly I'm still learning here. The feedback was overwhelming to say the least. It was a bit like getting 1000 valuable and insightful blog comments all in one day - which is a blogger's dream come true! I'm so taken aback by all of the really, really nice things you had to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I'm trying to be a big girl and be receptive to all of the great, insightful, and honest criticism you sent as well. I know I'll be better for it.

And even aside from all of those things, I loved hearing from you. It is so, so, so nice to know that my words and work and images aren't just going out there to nowhere land. I always hope that something I say or do will inspire, entertain, or hold at least a little value to someone on a daily basis. I was planning on posting a more formal or at least more comprehensive response to the survey next week after I have mulled it over a bit more. Would you be interested in that? Do you care to know more about the overall answers?

This outfit fits more in my Everyday Style category as it is one I wear pretty regularly. If you have been around for a while, you will have noticed I have a thing for gray tees, vests, and black denim. I just like to change up my shoes, or in today's case, my nails, to make these basics more interesting. I've included a round up of leopard sneakers below. If you follow me on IG, you know how much I wear mine and although I got mine at H&M, you can find similar ones at all price points.

On my nails, I'm wearing a black floral print thanks to Jamberry nail wraps. Elizabeth from Jamberry offered to send me over some printed nail wraps a few weeks back and I jumped at the chance to try them. I've been wanting to test out Jamberry nails for months so I was excited to give them a go. So far, I love how they look and I am really interested to see how long they stay on. I applied them on Saturday and I think I will need more practice with them before they work perfectly. I plan to try another set next week and see if I can get the tricks figured out.

Have you tried Jamberry nails? Would you be interested in a video tutorial on applying them?

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Everlane
Jeans- Liverpool
Shoes- H&M
Vest- thrifted and DIY'd


  1. I tried jamberry nails about a year ago... and I didn't love them. yes, they were super duper cute. BUT they took forever to apply. and, i'm sure you know, as a busy mama I just didn't find it worth my time. i'm sure if I would have practiced more I could have gotten better and faster at it, but who has time for that ;) i'm perfectly content sticking with my fun nail polish colors that dry in 60 seconds.

  2. I would love a jamberry tutorial! I tried it a while ago and couldn't get it right! By the way THANK YOU for untruncating the posts in a reader!

  3. Would love a Jamberry tutorial. Also, on the Leopard sneakers. I bought the ASOS ones and the ran small, had to return them. I also bought some Betsy Johnson ones at Zappos, they run large, but I inserted some sole inserts and the problem was solved.

  4. Kylie how long did your jamberrys last?! I just applied them. I'm a busy mom of 3 kids under 8 and my week consist of in and out of car seats tall practices and games that we coach as well as countless dance and gymnastics and tumbling. Ultimate test here we go!

  5. This outfit is so casual cooooool!

    aka Bailey

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