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It really is amazing how often throughout the day I feel like "Oh, I'm so behind! I'll never catch up or finish this to-do list or have a functioning, clean house! I'll never get a break! I'm late for everything! Today is not my day. How can we pull out of this?!?" Usually that feeling happens in the morning. (See below.) But sometimes it happens all day long.

And then miraculously an hour later, or five minutes later, or four hours later, I will feel the total opposite feelings! I am thinking to myself, "I am amazing! I'm totally killing this to-do list today! I'm even ahead! Look at how much I got done! I think I even have time to start another project! My house will stay clean and orderly forever!" (See below.)

It is shocking how often I waffle between those two emotional places thought out the day! I'm sure part of it is being a mom and the unpredictable days that motherhood brings. Some days, no one naps and everyone wreaks havoc and nothing gets done. Other days, all of the children nap or they play quietly like little angel babies in their rooms. Although it is hard to adjust to and deal with some days, I do feel like that kind of crazy non-schedule brings out the productive dragon in me. I am learning to be patient on the crazy days, but when I get a few minutes to work, I fly through stuff and no one can keep up. I'm convinced there is no one more productive on earth than a mom with a sleeping baby.

This cycle happens all day, every day, all week long. However, on Sundays, I try to make it a different story. I really enjoy Sundays because I try to cool it on the work front and lay low with the kids after church. We'll color, play trains, or go on walks. It can be hard to slow down, but it's worth it.

Last weekend, Soren was able to go to a local gun show with a friend and instead of coming home with anything for himself, he brought home some vintage ammo boxes for me. I have a few already in our home so he knew these ones would hit the spot. He was right! I love the destroyed wood and metal hinges on these things. One of them has found a place in the living room to boost up the magazine basket, and the other will be converted into a toy box in the near future. 

And the boys have made quick use of the boxes as well. Currently this one houses all of our knights. 

I haven't been thrifting often lately, but I did stop in last week and found these two gems. I'm always on the lookout for globes, so this was a great find, and this cross-body bag just knocked my socks off. It cost more than I normally spend thrifting, but it is such nice leather and handmade. I had to scoop it up!

The globe quickly found the perfect spot in the nursery. 

Overall, this week has been pretty great. We've been sick and had a few frustrating points, but I think I'm learning to roll with those things better and find new ways each day to just feel happy. I'd rather have a good day than a bad one, so no matter what happens I'm trying to see the good and keep a positive perspective. I think it has been helping the kids and me both. Many mornings this week I've had the thought, "Oh man today is going to be rough." But by the time Soren gets home I'm ready to tell him what a great day it was. It's a constant battle, but I love how focusing on our attitude really changes so many little things in big ways.

How do you keep an optimistic perspective? What were you working on this week?


  1. Great post today!!!! It's crazy how one minute you can feel completely swamped and overwhelmed--and then 5 minutes later you look around and realize that everything is done and it took HALF as long as you thought!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. I love that thrifted purse, what a fun find! Very cool ammo box too... we have one of those but my husband commandeered to actually store gun stuff in... what the heck?! ;)

  3. So true! Mommy hood is a combo of overwhelming messes & small sweet victories! The trick is to be grateful for the victories and remember them when the messes come ;). I'm not the best at it by a long's a daily thing! I got a new job a few weeks ago as a part-time hospital pharmacist. It's been good but very busy adding to the fun of 4 kiddos. Trying to learn a new balance round here ;))

  4. I love this post and can so relate to the before and after shot of the kitchen. Suddenly everything is right in the world when the kitchen is clean. Seriously. I love the ammo boxes and the globe and purse finds too. So glad to meet you tonight and excited to see more from you!

  5. Your son's absolutely disarming smile and the last picture of the cat snuggling at his feet are the best things i have seen all day!! Made my day.. :)

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